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The He does not care; You Should Break Up List

Updated on February 11, 2010

He Does Not Care

Should I dump him? Yes you should! Well only if he doesn't care about you.

How would I know if he doesn't care? Well there are many signs he doesn't care and chances are, you've noticed some of there already.

I put together a few signs of serious lack of caring. It's not a vast list but one made up of a few stand out, telltale signs of major lack of care.

Once again I commissioned some of my girls and my own life :D to put together this list.

If you're really worried that he does not care or it's something that's on your mind, I hope it helps.

Brace Yourself!

  1. His love swings. He says he loves you one minute and then he's not sure the next.
  2. You don't get a chance to vent. He's not interested in your day or what's new with you/your life.
  3. Only communicates when he needs you.
  4. He does not pick up the phone/answer when you call. I'm not saying he needs to answer, every time. He may be busy, at work or unable to answer. But some of the time he should answer and say "Sorry, babe, I can't talk right now but..." or "Busy will call you back". He needs to respond some of the time with something!
  5. Does not know how to introduce you in public. Yes honey. Proper, public introductions have yet to find there way. All you get is a stutter or some um, uhh moments. "Hey this is uh...erm...Sian" or whatever you're name is. If you're his girl, he'd let others know that! He should have no qualms about introductions.
  6. He's close friends with his ex/es.
  7. He fails to keep the ho's at bay. While you're out together, he freely lets the harlots, trollops and actual girls flirt, touch and holla at him...even when you're arm in arm. He should be letting those girls know, he's not interested and you're number one.
  8. Every time you need him, he pulls a Harry Potter. So you're in trouble, sad, lost someone, lost you job; you need comfort from your man and he's gone to Hogwart's to borrow Harry's invisibility cloak. One sided relationships does no one any good especially if you're the one giving and not getting.
  9. All your friends and family don't like him. I understand that you could have a relationship/connection with someone that others just don't understand but if absolutely none of those you hold dear, enjoy his presence let alone existence, perhaps in the long run, he'd be NO good for you. They've known you for longer after all.
  10. He does not like any of your friends. If he can't stand them, he won't want you spending time with them and you need too. You need your own time with friends separate to his.
  11. Communication is often via text, Not every thing or every time but important feelings. If you have a fight and he apologises in text, not in person or at least a phone call. You know guys like this, they break up using text messages. Not Cool! Not Mature!
  12. He's cheated on every girl, he's been with. Immediate red flag once a cheater...
  13. Online Freak that's in the cyber closet. He puts himself out there on line. In forums, facebook, myspace, blogs etc. He's on it daily. Yet fails to change his relationship status or in forum posts about relationships and love he never mentions you-his girl. *Tskity Tsk Tsk*
  14. He lives in the club. He's out clubbing every night, with his boys and you barely get invites, none at all, or need to guilt him into inviting you.
  15. Boys night is never a boys night. He's out with his guys, tells you, you can't come because it's a guys thing, but later on while browsing facebook or something else, you see him tagged in a photo, where there is a plethora of female specimens.
  16. Can't keep a job. Unless you're teenagers or you're both at university.
  17. He is always critical of you and he's not better. No one needs a person down on them all the time, especially if it's not constructive or helpful. It can be quite damaging to one's self image and esteem.
  18. He never bothers to please you during sex.
  19. He has yet to spend the night. If you're a couple that's having sex and you've been together for a while, yet he goes home after you do the do. Call me Crazy but isn't that just a little off.
  20. You only see him late...often at night.

You Just might have to!
You Just might have to!

You may just have to dump him

if quite a few of these apply to you.

There is no point prolonging something that just doesn't work. If he doesn't care, he doesn't care. Love yourself enough to push infatuation don't need to date him.

Trust me, before you no it you're bitter as anything, your relationship fizzles out and he shows up at your party with that girl that hates you...yeeaah break up!

If you're not quite sure just how too; here are some ideas, courtesy TattooGuy. They're definitely worth checking out!

It is too funny and is on my wave!

February Hub Love #18


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    • profile image

      Helen 6 years ago

      I just dumped my ex a few months back and now I wish I'd read this ages ago and not wasted two years of my life with that dumbass. He ticked nearly all these boxes. Learn from my mistake ladies! x

    • profile image

      kernii 7 years ago

      Ya know this asshole Ive been seeing has done each and everything you've listed plus a lot more!!

      I can not believe I am soo dumb and blind. I let him tell me Im mental and cant trust a man. What the hell ever.

      From what Ive read today about players, he is a 10+ on the scale.

      Anyway thanks for opening my eyes and making me face facts.


    • profile image

      Maxlanger56 7 years ago

      nice hub, hahahaha... made me chuckle.

      you might want to see this blog if you have not.

    • fits4life profile image

      Cherri Brown-Jett 8 years ago from Richmond

      This is a well needed hub. The video is so funny. You are making people aware of some of the guys behavior out there, but its up to the girls what they choose to tolerate. My husbands friends have always told me "Girl, don't be so hard on a brother".

    • profile image

      TattoGuy 8 years ago

      Course ya can do a link ; )

    • Sa Toya profile image

      Sa Toya 8 years ago from England

      @Tattoo Guy..great minds and all that. cheers for reading :D

      BkCreative...I completely agree we should not put up any nonsense from anyone!

    • BkCreative profile image

      BkCreative 8 years ago from Brooklyn, New York City

      Please young ladies, read the list and - dump him!

      Your time can be better spent just dating many and enjoying the experience, pursuing your education, learning to invest your money, doing yoga, definitely traveling the world, etc. I was called fickle in my young days because I would not put up with any nonsense - still don't. So call me Fickle.

    • profile image

      TattoGuy 8 years ago

      Lol I just wrote a new hub on how to dump your boyfriend, methinks you can read my mind, enjoyed yer hub ; )