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He was joking right?

Updated on June 26, 2012

Men who lack confidence are jokers

What the hell does I want a friend who I can chill and watch movies with but also have sex with but I don’t want anything serious mean? Isn’t that dating? Or should the phrase have been worded more like this, “Hell I am going to come over and pretend to watch a movie but as soon as it comes on I am going to try to run up in that and before the movie ends I’ll be out!” LOL

I love it! I love talking to guys they are hilarious. What I have learned from years of dating and getting to know men on a certain level is that they are all pretty much bullshit artists when they are trying to get something they want. They are deceitful and some are better at it than others, if you pay close attention you can hear it in their voices. They aren’t confident at all in what they are saying, its as if they are questioning themselves. Who’s a man if he’s not confident in himself? A big fat joker, who’s full of shit that’s what he is.

A guy should get credit for being a professional liar, I mean if you spot this guy and you’re like I know he’s lying now but he had me fooled maybe he deserves to get to first and or second base. Men have nothing to lose when they are putting on the charm, talking that charming bull while in the back of his mind he’s like, “yeah I got her now. She’ll drop them panties for me for sure.” Come on fellows you aren’t seriously thinking its all about what you say and how you say it? If a woman wants to have sex with you, she’s going to have sex with you because she wants to, you just happen to be there at the right time and moment.

The guys I love who I give full credit to, are the ones that are aggressive and straightforward. Those are real men. Men who know what they want and knows how to get it. They don’t bullshit like those other amateurs. Its something about that polished confidence they got going on that makes you step back and be like whatever if he thinks I am that easy but in the back of your mind you’re like yeah if he came around wanting it I wouldn’t hesitate to go along with it.

These particular men don’t have to put on false personas because they got it going on. They know it and you know it, hell they don’t even have to come right out and say it, its in their conversation that you know what they are about. These men don’t come off as desperate and I think that’s what usually turns me off-the desperation. A guy that has to sort of beg for it, he comes up with a bunch of excuses and by the time he’s finished with laying them all out you’re not feeling him at all.

Women need aggressive men, in bed and out. A whining boy begging to get in the bed with you is not going to cut it. What does his whining say about his performance? I know it says I don’t have any stamina, I’m not going to make sure you get yours, because I only want to get mines. I mean that’s why they are begging for it right, constantly trying to come over don’t even appreciate the courtship of how to get with a woman.

Jeez fellows I swear when are you going to learn, I guess never if there will always be desperate women willing to do anything to be with a man, thinking she will change you. Life’s to short, I’m over that. When I need you I will call upon you not the other way around.


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