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Here are 5 different ways to find a partner in your local area

Updated on May 8, 2011

Here are 5 different ways to find a partner in your local area

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If you try the steps that I share with you to find a partner in your local area you will see a difference in the action you are receiving right now.  Did you know that finding a partner around your area is a fairly simple task to achieve?  If you actually analyze it, there are many different ways to find the partner of your dreams in your area.  So it is my pleasure to share with you 5 different ways to find a partner in your local area.

5 different ways to find a partner in your local area:

  1. You can try going to your local bar to pick up a partner:  Find that local bar that has a huge turnout.  They usually have many single women and men just waiting to interact with another individual--meaning you. If you decide to go to this type of setting to find a partner, make it your job to initiate conversation with them.  This is because that is the only way for you to get a potential partner.  Think:  no talking equals them not knowing of your existence.   Also learn interesting ways to start a conversation.  Although there are many different kinds of conversation starters when it comes to picking up a mate, a really good one is, "Hi, what is you name?"  From there, it is your job to ask questions to your potential partner to see if there are any common grounds.  The more common grounds you find with that person, the more chances of you actually hitting it off.   
  2. You can always ask your friends to help you find a partner:   A very popular way to find a partner is by simply asking your friends if they know anyone that is available to date.  Remember that everyone should have at least twelve people within there social circle.  Therefore, your odds of finding a partner with one of your friends is 1 in 12--those odds are better than the lottery.  Also, if your friends really care about you, they will help you out.
  3. You should really try the local speed dating scene:   Just like the name implies, speed dating is a fast way to meet a potential partner.  The people at these speed dating events are there for the same reason as you, to find that significant other.  So find a local speed dating event to increase the odds of finding your partner.
  4. Market yourself as available on all Social Networks:   Let all your friends on the internet know that you are currently available to start dating people.  Be blunt about your situation.  For example, say that you are in the mood to date someone new and exciting, do you know anyone like this?  That should get the ball rolling for your attempt at finding a new partner.  And don't worry about those people that make fun of you for announcing something like that.  Their comments should not interfere with your goal of getting a significant other.  Further, there will be many that will take your message seriously and lead you in the direction of a potential life partner.
  5. Try the places that are not usually made for picking up a partner:   Go to your local library or shopping mall and try to initiate conversation with people you think can be your new partner in life.  Don't be shy.  The minute you see someone that you have an interest in, start talking to them.  Usually in these places people will talk to you without the threat of feeling like they are being picked up.  And if you are afraid of eventually asking them if you can stay in contact, the worst you will get is a "no".  So don't be shy and try to stay in contact with those people. So go out to the unusual spots to pick up a potential partner.

These were 5 different ways to find a partner in your local area.  Remember don't be shy and to continuously make contact with people.  With the people you come into contact with, you should eventually get someone that wants to go on a date with you.  Hopefully for more than just one.  Anyway, I hope this helps.  Good luck!


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