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Hey Lord ! I'm searching, where is he?

Updated on December 28, 2012

Looking for love

My best girlfriends during my single life. Still love them so much!
My best girlfriends during my single life. Still love them so much!
just a nice guy!
just a nice guy!
A praying girl by Betty Overstreet
A praying girl by Betty Overstreet
My Church
My Church
A spunky girl by Betty Overstreet
A spunky girl by Betty Overstreet

Searching for love

There are so many single people out there searching for the perfect mate. Of course we all know there is no such thing as a perfect person, but maybe if we just share our thoughts and ideas with each other...we can figure out the best way to go about our search.

Are you a teenager, young adult, a little bit older adult or perhaps even a senior citizen? It makes no difference what age you may be. It is just as important to have a special someone to share life's ups and downs if you are sixteen or sixty plus. The road to finding that person will be different in some ways depending on your age, but in the long run, it is worth the journey.

It has been a very long time since I searched for love as a teenager, so I'm sorry kids, the only advice I can share with you is : be careful, be patient, be wise in picking your friends because one of your fiends will end up being your life partner. My mother warned me, "Don't date anyone you wouldn't want to be married to". Being a Christian as I am, the best advice I would give is: remember that our Bible tells us we must not be unequally yoked. If you are a Christian, attend your church youth functions and or mission trips and volunteer to help in any way you can. When you do this you will meet friends who are kind, caring and want to help others. Those are the kind of friends you want in your life.

Now, lets get serious with all you adults, no matter the age group you fit into. Number one priority is learning what is important to us as individuals. If you haven't had the time or opportunity to experiment with hobbies and activities to discover what you really enjoy doing, make the time!

Hiking, biking, walking, theater, volunteering for agencies, attending a church or other organizations - try lots of different activities to discover where you really want to spend your time. As you do these things you should meet others who you can relate to and enjoy spending time with. The most important thing is: forget about finding a man or woman, find yourself and then find someone you can really relate to who enjoys some of the same things.

While attending a singles conference back in my single days one of the attendees ask the question, "How can I find the person God wants me to be with?" The answer she received was: You don't have to find him, God knows where you both are and when He is satisfied that you are ready to meet, He will bring you together."

I wrote an article about that experience sometime back that i would love to share with you, however it is on another website so can't be added to this one. It is called, Hey God do you have my address. You can do a search for the title and it will appear.

My girlfriends and I each made a list of qualities that were a "Must" for the man we wanted to marry. They were each different but this is a sample of mine:

  1. Must be a Christian
  2. At least 6' tall (I am tall so this was important to me)
  3. Be gainfully employed and earn at least as much as I did (my previous husband was unemployed when I met him and stayed that way for quite a while.
  4. Get along well with my family

and the list went on to about number 10. We prayed to God to help us find the man He wanted us to have, then we put the lists away and didn't worry about it. I discovered my list after Gary and I returned from our honeymoon-every item described my new husband!

There are many ways to meet Mr or Ms Right. Several of my friends met their future spouses on the Internet and they are very happy. You just have to be very careful meeting strangers that way. Bring along a friend or meet in a very public place.

Bon Voyage! Begin your journey toward love and I will pray you find the right person who will treasure you throughout your lives together!


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