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Hi-Speed Love

Updated on July 7, 2009

He loves me myspace, He loves me Facebook

Online Dating is becoming popular across the country in the 21st Century. All these "online dating" websites who can match you up with mister and misses perfect. Are these filling our social and emotional needs? There is someone there, but are they physically there? Is someone we have never met filling our needs, instead of face to face? Is this good for us? Maybe it will keep teens practicing absence. It might bring more runaway, and kidnappings. Who knows? me. I am a victim of Online Dating.

Now, maybe I can write this the best I can. In MY words. I grew up thinking distance wasnt very filling of your wants and needs, soon of course I was at a friends house, who had a friend my age. He lived all the wayyy in New York. Over 12 hours away. It never once occured to me that a simple spark would be there. It was, we talked for days and weeks. It seemed that no matter what, I was looking forward to his text, or his call. He seemed to be almost as important as if he was there. It was amazing to me how he could give the same affects of a person right in front of me, even though he was half way across the U.S.A.

Soon, it became an addiction to talk everyday. He probably knew more details that was going on then if he was standing there witnessing it himself. I grew on him, and he grew on me. Then thats when it hit me. It was along distance relationship. I remember sitting on my porch, laughing have the time of my life, with no one but my phone. I started to notice I cared about him. If he got hurt or couldn't talk for a while. We never ran out of things to talk about. We started with nick names and cute pet sayings. At that point, I think I could of writen a book on how much I knew about him and his life. We shared everything. From childhood memories, our troubled times, ou fears, our wants in life and we made plans when college was out we would build a house. Get stable. Get married, and then have kids. Which he found this lady online, who can see into the future. She said we will get married and have twin boys.

Maybe this is Americas problem? What if, everyone was distanced away from each other before they met? and they couldnt see each other, just hear the voices and know their personality? Maybe thats the key to having love. We've all heard the saying Love is blind. Maybe there is a key to it. Fall in love for personality and charcter not your rack and package. This could be the happiness we've all been looking for. What if it is? Maybe I should suggest an experiment on it one day.

Anyways. The one thing we had in common was the moon. We would always look at the full moons together. Knowing that we could both see something real at the same time. Then came the letters. We still talked everyday but we also wrote letters. It took exactly 4 days for the letter to reach him. and for his letter to reach me. For packages it took 6 days. Yes, we also sent birthday and christmas gifts. I had seen him on myspace. His pictures. He was perfect, nice and clean cut. Everything I would want in a man. This relationship lasted for over a year. We were happy and going strong. When life became busy, I couldn'y sit around and text and talk. So even though it was hard I had to break it off. I told him it wasnt working because of the miles and my schedule. He was torn. He knew we had the same feelings for each other and couldnt understand how I could say that to him.

So 2 months later I found a craving for him. So I gave him a call. Soon we started talking everyday and it's been like that.

This year, on August 29th 2009 we will be celebrating our 4th anniversary. I am as happy as I can be. I can't wait till our boys arrive. =]


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