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His Secret Revealed

Updated on May 4, 2011

Sugarland - Stay

Dana – As We Lay

Naughty By Nature ~ O.P.P.


She enjoyed spending time with him. They did so many things together.  She felt that their relationship was somewhat private mainly because she did not want to talk about it with the people at her work or at the mall.  They went out to public places; the movies, dinner, clubs and parties.  She had so much fun going everywhere with him.  But still something did not seem right to her and she was not sure why she felt this way.  Was it her own insecurities? She often questioned while someone so good looking was interested in her.  She saw him often but there were times when he was gone on photo shoots and out of town and she really missed him during that time.  She was very unsure of things but did not want to ruin what she had.  

He had been to her apartment numerous times it would make her very nervous to be alone in her room with him after all she was still a virgin and was not sure how to tell him that.  She was unsure about even inviting him into her room. Each time they went to her apartment they would start to make out and even though she didn’t want to she felt she had to stop him.  She would try and talk to him and explain to him how she felt and although he said that he understood the look on his face said something totally different. That look would not last very long as if he was forgiving her and he would pull her closer to him and tell her that he understood completely, he would reassure her that they would not have to do anything that she did not want to do.  She felt so relieved and comfortable with him.  However there was always a moment where a feeling of uncertainty would arise something that she would brush off at that moment but that she would regret later. He would always pull her back into his arms and his kisses would make her forget. They would enjoy each others company for a few hours until it was time for him to leave. She would always look forward to the next time they would get together.  

Then the day came when she went to school in the morning and after school went to work.  She was shocked when he was standing waiting outside for her when she got to work.  She was not sure how he knew that she was going to be at work at that time.  Maybe she had said something the night before but couldn’t really remember. He met her with kisses and she was once again swept off of her feet. There was a part of her brain that was telling her to slow down but she didn’t want to, couldn’t listen to it.  She wanted it all and this was definitely it.  He wanted to meet her after work and she agreed, she was more than excited to see what the night would bring.  She knew deep in her heart that she was ready for it to happen.    

The end of the day finally came and she nearly tripped trying to run to her car. She was still not totally sure that he was going to be there but she sure hoped he would be.  He had been done working for about two hours by now so she wouldn’t have been surprised if he wasn’t there and when he wasn’t she was very disappointed.  She got into her car and sat for a moment.  She was wondering what she was doing and what she was thinking, this just didn’t seem right to her, something was wrong but she didn’t know what.  She decided she wasn’t going to worry about it right now.  She quickly ran back into her job having realized that she had forgotten some of her things and more importantly she had forgotten to clock out.  When she got back to her car she noticed something on the windshield, at first she thought it was a ticket but could see as she got closer that it was a note. Had it been there before? It was slightly hidden and she could only notice it because the wind was blowing a corner of it.  She pulled the note from under the windshield wiper.  She wasn’t sure she wanted to read it but she knew she had to.  She unfolded the note and slowly started to read.  Her eyes immediately went to the end of the note it was from him.  Sheread it slowly making sure she was reading it correctly.  Was he saying that he didn’t want to see her? No he was simply saying that he would not be able to meet her tonight because something came up with his family.  He did not want to bother her at work or he would have told her face-to-face.   He was also hoping that they could get together tomorrow night after work.  He also said that he would talk to her tomorrow.  She had plans again and was already thinking about cancelling them even after thinking about reconsidering the relationship earlier.  She quickly forgot about her earlier doubts, she would regret that later as well.

The next day she finally got to work and this time she was very early, she had no idea why, well actually she was trying to catch him on his break so that she could be certain about the evening plans.  Just like clockwork she drove by just in time to see him leaving for break.  He was heading away from the car so she gave the horn a light tap and he turned around quickly almost as if he had been expecting it all along.  She went to park her car and waited for him to walk up.  She slowly got out of the car in time to greet him as he was approaching the car.  She smiled at him sweetly and a little unsure about what was going to happen next.  He apologized immediately for the previous day and expressed again that it was a family emergency, for a moment she did not know if she believed him but then he took her hand in his.  Again she was lost in him, in his eyes that were staring into hers. For a moment she was distracted and realized that he was still talking to her. He was still apologizing to her and asking her if she was free for the evening.  She nodded her head and agreed to meet after work.  She was hoping that it would really happen this evening but did not want to get too worked up over it in case it did not happen.  After talking for a bit he rushed back to work and she headed to work herself.  The rest of the day at work was uneventful as she tried to make time go quickly while it continued to drag on slowly.

They decided to meet back at her place he would bring over some drinks and take out.  She thought that would be very cool.  They drank and ate and were having a nice time talking.  She could feel the alcohol slowly beginning to work on her.  She was a little buzzed oh ok she was really buzzed but enjoying the evening.  She realized all of a sudden that they were actually lying down on her bed.  She was lying flat on her back and he was on his side next to her.  His hand was stroking her clothed body; her face, her arms, her stomach (this made her feel uneasy, she was insecure about her tummy) and her breasts. She kept trying to figure out how she got into this position. She remembered kissing him and being lost in his kisses, loving how long that they lasted but they were sitting up when that was happening.  Was she more intoxicated than she thought? She was not sure but was still trying to figure out how she got into this position when he started to kiss her all over her face and body.  The feeling was amazing to her, she felt like she was floating. His touches and kisses were firm but very soft; they made her body tingle in ways she had never felt before.  She didn’t want him to stop but she was extremely worried about where this would lead. She was certain that she was not ready to go to the next level; well actually she was completely unsure how she felt about that at this exact moment.  Her feelings were overwhelming; his touches felt good but she was afraid that he would want more and would not stop. He could hear him whispering in her ear to relax and she could feel her breathing increase.  She was slowly starting to feel comfortable and was certain that this was something that she wanted to do.  The way he touched her, the way he looked at her, the way he made her feel was all coming together in one incredible moment.  So many thoughts were going through her mind and so many feelings were coursing through her body.   He whispered in her ear asking her if she was sure she was ready for this.  Her response was yes although she was scared she felt that she was ready.

The experience was nothing like she had imagined it was going to be.  It was romantic and he was sweet.  He talked her through the whole experience making her feel at ease.  But it was somewhat uncomfortable at first and she was not sure she would make it through.  Lucky for her it would happen one more time that night and the second time would make up for the first time.  After the second time she had forgotten all about her insecurities and knew that this was perfection.  She was so incredibly happy she felt like she was going to explode.  She wanted to tell him how she felt, all the feelings she was having.  But she wouldn’t have time to tell him all of these things because he needed to go so that he could get to work the next day.  She understood because she had to get up early as well but she would have preferred that he stayed the night.

The next day she went to work a little early to see if she could catch him on break.  There was no sign of him.  She sat with her friends and waited to catch him walking by on his lunch but still no sign of him.  She walked by the store to see if he was inside.  She didn’t see him.  The next day was the same.  She was beginning to worry and wonder what was going on.  It had been three days since that night and she had not heard from him or seen him.  This could not be good.  But while she was sitting outside with her girlfriends they saw him going into work and he turned and waved at them.  Was he waving at her or all of them?  She was not sure.  Then she saw the same woman that had been with him before, the woman that worked at the men’s clothing store at the other mall.  She thought nothing of it until one of the girls whispered to another “I heard that they just got married.” Married? Everyone was confused.  Who was she talking about? Who had married who?  What was going on? So many questions were being asked. Finally the story came pouring out a story she did not want to hear or believe.  But when she looked back at all the things she had questioned; the license plate, the car that did not fit the driver, the girl from the mall, his excuses and many other things it all fit perfectly together.  She was blinded and blind sided by this man, this married man.  Could it be true? She could feel herself getting up and walking towards his work.  She could hear the girls still talking about whether or not he was married to the mall girl.  She continued to walk until she reached the door of his store.  She knew that they were all looking at her but at this moment she did not care.  He came rushing to the door as soon as he saw her and tried to escort her to the back of the mall.  He tried to kiss her, to hug her but she didn’t want any part of it.  All she wanted was for him to answer a question.  “What is the question?” he asked whispering.  “Are you married?” she asked back not really wanting to hear the answer but sure that the answer would be yes.  He had no response.  He said absolutely nothing.  The smooth and sweet talker had absolutely nothing to say and the answer was completely clear.  She turned to walk away flooded with emotion, wanting to laugh, cry and scream all at once.  Instead she turned back to say one final thing.  “I am going over to the mall to let your wife know EVERYTHING. Have a nice life.”


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    • Triplet Mom profile imageAUTHOR

      Triplet Mom 

      9 years ago from West Coast

      Thank you Tom.

    • Tom Cornett profile image

      Tom Cornett 

      9 years ago from Ohio

      I kept trying to guess his secret. You got me...great writing...Thanks! :)

    • Triplet Mom profile imageAUTHOR

      Triplet Mom 

      9 years ago from West Coast

      Take your time LM. I will be here. Too early for Whiskey Sours though.

    • Laughing Mom profile image

      Laughing Mom 

      9 years ago

      holy crap!! Ummm....I'm going to have to digest this and come back.


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