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His one true love

Updated on May 3, 2016

For twenty years....

Nearly twenty years later
I still miss you.

My love for you
burns on unabated.

You've for the most part
ignored my existence.

What happened?
There was no fight.

How did you go from saying
you couldn't live without me?

To so easily
living without me.

So much more

Our relationship
for all those years

Was so much more
than just physical.

And that is what
I still ache for.

I miss the laughs
watching Tim Allen.

I miss the teasing,
I miss the friendship. 

I miss my friend

You were at that time
my best friend.

I loved 
talking to you.

I loved 
our coded messages. 

I could bear
losing my lover. 

It's my friend
I long for, to this day.


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