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Holy Married Life With Another Poet

Updated on November 3, 2009

Marriage To Another Poet


Holy Married Life With Another Poet



You strengthened me today with

Your compassionate words of assurance.

You told me

We would make it

That sweet success we would soon have

So I started to worry less and then you held me tenderly.


I sought after courage when I was experiencing adversity,

Learning by heart

Adversity was obstacles of time to overcome.

I kept on believing through dreams,

Truth will be pursued

While love keeps making us built on faith.

And aspirations of discovery of holy truths

Once mysterious were forthcoming

Where we were made in blessings well received

With learning of applications required

We were actively pursuing one another with desire soaring

While I continued this love of truths.


Things do happen for good making me seek Jesus again

 and making courage and faith through Jesus

Forever valuable essences of truth.

While  I always wish to share this life with someone.

I await until we can be in love again, poetic moments forth rightfully.





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