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Holy Writings, Spiritual Memoir

Updated on November 3, 2009

Getting By, Experiencing Prayer

 Real  true desire for all of my brothers, Jeff, a holy poet, chief with each one.
Asking God to cover each one by that holy blood of Jesus likewise with his heart and great wisdom like my dear, dear father, they too really have been doing works for anything worthwhile and before the holy Angels to do and to be upon each one of us attached to the holy Angels, that protection, quality and all kinds of graces coming through our faith on Jesus can be mighty for salvation and redemption and grace given. Because God is everywhere as we were and God will give to us for the Holy Ghost giveth. And I am with praise and thanksgiving to be given so that God does give for all of us, truly. Like I said and would like this prayer to do and call to remembrance Jesus is our life! To that, really I said Amen!


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