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Honestly............How Honest Should We Be ?

Updated on March 4, 2010

Honest and Honorable


Honesty...exactly how honest shall we be?

If you knew something that woud save someones life,  or much stress....would you tell them?  If you didn't that would not be a lie but I dare say it is dishonest!  What if you did something that another was upset or unhappy with........but they never suspected you and went on the complain! Well they did not ask you if you had any part.......would you make mention or just let them think an incorrect conclusion?  Again you need not lie... but how can ones conscience allow for anything but straight forward honesty?

   From my  childhood til now, still in disbelief how adults are afraid of looking incorrect or complete dislike of confrontation.  Since when isn't the importance about being correct and not just merely looking correct?  Why would an adult confronting another adult be a bad thing?

   All our relationships would thrive I feel certain! Children would see honesty at work and have much more respect for adults.  Co-workers could feel more at ease knowing that  one can expect a honest and truthful response to even unasked questions! Neighbors  would  be able to watch out for each other and a good deed would go unpunished!

    Bold face lies are wrong on so many levels but holding back info and neglecting to own up is very dishonest and not honorable..........and I have heard a few adults just plain lie about their daily, generic doings and call that a white lie..........    OMG!!!   Is not a white lie a clean lie? Pure?  For someones elses benefit?  To make sure they feel good about themselves?  Which If we all faced the truth ...yes our own truth,  we would not feel the need to ask those questions that lead to white lies!

   Closing my rant now.......A lie is a lie and to not disclose things that are important to another is dishonest...........and the word that fits best is dishonorable.....

       well that's my take



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