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Honor within the hour.....Truth for a lifetime

Updated on October 7, 2011

truthfulness always may only gain honor for an hour

At best we can assure ourselves of sleeping well at night and not having to watch over our shoulder all of the time if we are always truthful! Starting but ofcourse with ourselves. To see the truth seems to take a wizard , but to live your truth and make known that your existence is richly based on being honest, honorable and with great character ensures that you will not be crushing others self esteem and their life in any way!

My rant started by the time I was 15 and now at 45 my outrage is still pouring over like melted wax on velvet canvas. How could so many people not see the hurt they attatch to others when they are dishonest about their intentions and plans.? Can they not see or just care less to the domino effect they create with lies, misguided intentions , selfish and lazy attitudes?

It will never stop being a shock to me..........that many truly bite the hand that feeds them and a good deed always gets punished and a friend in need is a friend indeed!

Over the years I have witnessed my many pretending to care, very not so how christians and to fake it to you make it!! I have extended my home to those that were needy, only to find I was needy after they left! My idea of helping those in need may have just changed today although!

Realizing I am venting here and hoping I do not completely embarrass myself...I shall continue on.......regardless! Speaking and living my life within the confines to just being honest! Not asking for more than one can repay...even in barter! To not lead another on by falsehoods and misrepresentations. Make no mistake...I am not perfect....maybe perfectly flawed or simply complex but I am honest to a fault and will never understand why others can not see that being truthful, which in itself can be three fold! However it has to start with ones reality!

If a person is not happy, they should try greener pastures sure....just tell the one that has darkened the grass that you gotta go!! If you absolutely hate your job...well go back to school and get a better job that suits you........ do not just leave them high and dry either! If you can not pay the rent that month...well suck it up and talk to the higher ups....maybe they will care if they have not been screwed by lies in the first place! Then sell your stuff and pay it!

Too many people care more about what people think than how they feel! Dictated by pride, lust, greed and too many unmentionables!

My rant has been going on a long time but as you all can probably tell.............I just got screwed again today! I shall blame it on the rain or my own misguided thoughts that if I help someone achieve their goals or save them from despair.....that I might be given my one hour of honor that I do deserve for being an honest, compassionate and very much caring person!

My conclusion is that they could have their one hour of honor too...just by admitting they were not honest and make things a little better by apologizing for biting the hand that helped them and to repay moneys loaned and a heart that was darkened by the same lies that lead them to me in the first place.......Love may not cost a thing to get....but seems to give it cost more than my savings account can bear!

Now I have vented and will leave with the famous saying".Whats love got to do with it"!


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