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Hoof beats from Amish buggies in the middle of the night

Updated on June 13, 2012
Amish Buggy
Amish Buggy

Hoof beats in the middle of the night

I remember during my time living in New Providence PA. hearing hoof beats from Amish buggies in the middle of the night many times. They were heard at all times of the year but for the most part it was not a common occurrence. The Amish people are just that, people. Many of the same things that happen in people not of the faith happen to the Amish also.


Children are born at any time, people get sick all hours of the day and night and no one chooses when they die. It is customary to help a friend in need and more so among the Amish community than the world which surrounds them. The Amish first and foremost are a community of people who truly care about the others in their community.

Buggies mostly heard in the middle of the night during courting season

The time the Amish buggies are heard the most in the middle of the night is during courting season. The young men often stay later than they should and end up taking their buggy home when the world around them is sleeping. The young men have to work even during courting season. On a farm this work usually starts in the early hours of the morning and if the young man is not there he is gently taught his behavior is unacceptable.


Years ago as a young man trips of ninety miles to go on a date, were a common occurrence. Having my date home about two minutes before her curfew was common too. Driving ninety miles home then getting up to work the same morning about two hours later was also common. There was one day there was no way to get me up. All limits had been exceeded, The chastisement received at work taught me never to do it again. When your young and in love you really do believe you can do anything.

Would you walk to pick up a date?

It’s only a little different for the Amish. They don’t have cars so their buggies take them where they want to go. The Amish do ride in cars who belong to people, not of the faith. However to show up for a date without a buggy is like us walking to pick up a date. Not many women we know would even entertain walking with a man anywhere.

Children are raised as part of their communities, they see the world around them and want no part of it

They are taught this from the day they say their first word if not before. It’s ingrained in them as they grow up separate from the rest of the world yet part of the community they were born into. Children see the world around them and realize they are not part of it. As they grow they see the benefits of being separate which is why the Amish community is growing.

Amish hospitality

The night our van hood was ran over by an eighteen wheeler. The Amish man who owned the farm it happened in front of offered to give us a ride home. The semi was a bulk milk truck which was going to his farm to empty his milk tank. He actually watched the accident happen.

It is uncommon for Amish to offer rides

We heard later that it was uncommon for Amish people even to offer a ride to someone who is not Amish. If you live in Amish country and drive by the same farm each day for years don’t think for a moment the farmer doesn’t “know you”. This became apparent when he asked where the other children were. His farm had been passed every school day with a van full of carpool children for years.

Never look a gift horse in the mouth

The fact that we lived right at the limits of his horses ability didn’t seem to bother him. The higher limit of a buggy ride for them is twelve miles. Our house was right at that limit which meant the horse would have had a twenty four mile round trip

The Amish farmers help was not needed

It turned out not to be necessary as the van was still drivable even though it had been moved over twenty feet in park and the hood was actually sitting on the engine. Even with this nothing so important it couldn’t be driven had been damaged. At first the car wouldn't move, it was stuck in park and wouldn't come out. The truck driver reached in and gave the shifter a shove and managed to free it up.

When you hear the hoof beats of an Amish buggy in the middle of the night

The Amish people really are a caring people so when you hear those hoof beats from an Amish buggy in the middle of the night just go back to sleep knowing someone will be there when the new baby is born. Someone who is sick is being taken care of or someone who is dying is not going to die alone.


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