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Horizon of Expectation

Updated on February 16, 2013

Horizon of Expectation

The description of lives at play. The multiverse complex in its design. Coincides with realities of the day. The complex matrix of human relations with in every sphere of geographical boarders credited to a multidimensional galaxy with many solar systems. One port with many ships.

The multiverse is constructed in our own perception, interpretations and agendas. Amongst the many orbits we find belonging, seeking. provision, the quest for power and position and the hopes for security. The positive and negative charges repel and attract and power alienates with the attempt to generate the lust for belonging.

In these days amongst the many debates and inquiries into the plagues of the day we find orbiting satellites only willing to transmit and decipher thru their agendas. These mixed signals put people on the defense and offense when they gather to seek solution.

These obstacles and hindrances transcend morality and that are our agendas seem to become the most important cause which is to remain loyal to the cause. To prove the superiority thru might makes right. Dialogue is good and great. The intent here is to open up Pandora's box to consider and remove the perpetuation of the tactics that motivate our ego's to react from a place of inferiority.


The yellow line that leads us down the corridor of choice. Each break leads us to decisions we must face. Turn here, turn there. The conjecture we create will be determined by the gravity of inference we place on the events of the day. These intersections and those decisions will be determined by the values given in moments of haste.

The values that steer us are a cocktail of myth, propaganda, popular opinion and the ostensible presentation of a particular school of thought we subscribe to. By conformity to the Established Cultural Institutions prescription of conduct, appearance and past times. These are the deeds to ownership of labelization.


“ I believe that it is possible to be more objective than most of us are, but it involves a moral effort” George Orwell


These subjective conjectures become ideologies and life mantra's and we should examine them. Multiple Established Cultural Institution's merge and intersect and new ones forge themselves on the shoulders of others. New ideals and limiting labels that restrict, define and separate the collective.

Being bound by these abstract and neo-modern impressionist theories of life come via the channels of those virtues we as people tend to worship. Man's opinions are wrought by men of means, fame and status. Alluding that they by aquiring such favor and chance are the most qualified to define and interpret the meaning of events.

This danger of the interpreter and the interpretation then gets maligned to agenda and etc. Leaving many voices and interpretations of the same object, Looking into the media world today we see how dangerous these interpretations and restrictions can be. Experts are hired by the way they certify the uncertainty of any particular Established Cultural Institutes dogma.(this will be E.C.I from hence forth).


The nature of conjecture is to be uncertain. Philosophy strives to attain reasoning and accounting for everything in nature. The collective body of our species digests' these reasoning's and decides to own and condone or disregard aspects or the entire theory. This succession of one system to another with out any claim to superior merit yet of a more ingenious system of actions and worship that demonstrates the individuals perception and interpretation of reality and those common appearances


At the birth of impressionism as a Cultural Institution the public was first hostile because it brought into question the beliefs of what was art. Gradually it was accepted and even idolized as revelation. That impressionists had captured a fresh and original vision that more accurately defined the appearance of common events and appearances.

The previous established institute resisted and denied and slandered the new modes and choices given to individuals. The fear that the previous E.C.I was wrong of inferior brought those who believed and served those ideals into question. This new philosophy of the visual presentation of reality, led to evolution and revolution of the interpretation of events and common appearances.

This dawn of a new theory in the visual realm brought about its own destruction because it led the way for newer schools of thought like Neo-, and Post- modernism, cubism and Fauvism. All constructing new philosophies and ideals that solicited allegiance from the general public.


In this requiem opinions gather support. They propagate the subtle and crafty impressionistic art of conjecture, translation and definition. So it is in the light that we have as individuals that our evolution of the world around us grows and adapts as we let it.

Whether our revelator be objective of the true presentation of the facts or subjective and riding the pine of his/her allegiances. Spinning events and the recording of our remembrance according to the purpose of its presentation. Becoming the source and root of the definition.

Understanding that a entire industry is supplied and funded into the art of reception theory. That skill is being used to perpetuate a particular response, belief and worship based on the theories governing your reception of those philosophies. To either alienate you from the E.C.I's propaganda, to justify its existence, your need of the E.C.I or to recruit you.


It has been said “. . . the most grossly obvious facts can be ignored when they are unwelcomed”.

Only when the whole is threatened do we lean to equality then back to the business of war.


The compilation and the grinding down thru these evasive propaganda techniques are deliberately aimed at generating specific responses. Like smart bombs or predator drones seeking to invade the inner chambers of your temple and seed interpretations and definitions. These theories are banking on your reception because this is what will make them true. Your belief in them.

Reception theory is aimed at two categories of people. The connoisseur and subscriber to the material in which propaganda becomes education. These dictates and regulations breed inclusion thru assimilation.

The other is the band wagon/ passer by/ tourist/wanna be this second group of characters are presented with landscapes of the E.C.I. This is to invoke an emotion that will recruit supporters or find acceptance in the galaxies of E.C.I that make up the collective.

This constant striving for survival is the fuel that drives these E.C.I's to exist because of your belief, support and worship of the theory and its necessity. Especially those who deem themselves as exclusive will paint impressionist murals that will conceal the true intent of its existence. These landscapes convey to the greater body of society deeming themselves necessary, mandatory, harmless and uninfluencial while the opposite is true. Like a satirical and sarcastic tragic comedy.

Listening, debating, interjecting, reading and interpreting with our agendas determines our subjective reality and those conditions we imply and demand on those around us. Our soulish desires construct these interpretations via our mind, imagination, our will, lusts, desires and emotions. These battles to maintain our established realities and interpretations bleed into every aspect of our relations. We see it manifest in our wars, divorces, reputations and publicists. The campaign trails and media venues and their slanted documentaries posing as true. Now with the micro-verse blogs, websites, and social-media the E.C.I's grow smaller and rejected individuals and institutions are finding acceptance and a place to be nurtured.



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