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Horoscopes and Aries Men

Updated on January 11, 2016
Horoscopes and The Aries Man
Horoscopes and The Aries Man | Source

The Aries Man

The Aries Male

I have to admit , I am attracted to women 's looks before I even meet them and usually they are an Aries as I am also. I hear that the Aries men in Horoscopes are not very compatible with the opposite sex and I personally do not care if they are compatible with the same sex, unless it's business . I never thought as a man that Aries was much to do about anything, then when I divorced I think my interest in these horoscopes started to stir up my blood a bit. As an Aries or ,"Greek God of War", i am a trained lover, you got that right on the dot, and known for his love for," Aphroodite" , of course she is the goddess of love. Aries has a love war or battle inside him as I read on. So far so right,and correct. I am an Aries and darn proud of my characteristics in love and war.

The Aries is not exactly a warrior , yet he is an aggressive lover of his being, and will not let like minded Aries males get in his way, this is the warrior part , I suppose. I am prone as an Aries to be aggressively a fighter and a lover, yet in Christopher there is mostly love yet I will protect my soul mate. They say an Aries is prone to being into sports , I take this as I was in football , baseball and anything as I was a child growing up prone to want to play not necessarily to win ,yet to battle for a win . I am pretty much on track with what I read in the Internet pages as an Aries , and I forget what my ex wife was , but I do know she and I collided with sarcasm from each of us and and joking that would lead to hurt feelings. I am glad she is out of my life and I would hate to meet her double,so maybe that's why I resorted to Horoscopes since about 1982, that seems so long ago, yet so short when you have a child involved.

Back to the lover part of my egotistical Aries part of me, the lover part exclaims that I am full of energy ,and I am , and prone to wish to maintain long-term relationships, well this is true since I have been divorced I have dated possibly three times for short periods of time. The Aries likes to move around, not planting his feet in one place for too long, and constantly searching and acting aggressively toward the future and yet being a total romantic.Now here is the kicker I am intrigued by what I can't have and will thrive to get her to the utmost of my ability and will not stop my pursuit of the one I am in vision of, totally true. I like this Aries guy ,he sounds just like me. Making love to an Aries is like awakening your senses to how dull your love life was , and that I would hope is me. I'm not sure ,have not progressed that far, I'm that 40 something year old virgin again.I spend to much time writing now, to pursue anything but my own personal goals, true Aries I read.

To sum an Aries up be careful if your a beautiful women and you see me in the same place ,because I will come up to you and with eyes glistening in the light be enthralled by your visual look, no matter what your personality is, and I will not hesitate to mumble something that makes no sense whatsoever to get your attention. I have done this once or twice and was really embarrassed , yet always got the date I wanted. I guess soon it will be time to go out and start looking for a female companion, yet I am in no hurry, any takers?

Christopher Hyer2.18.2011

Aries and Women

Aries as Lovers


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