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Hot Wedding Planning Tips

Updated on July 2, 2014

Imagine a wedding in front of a breath taking scene of an empty beach, crashing waves and a beautiful sunset. I want to share with you some of my closest kept secrets to making the wedding of your dreams come true. What if I told you I have the means to create a fifty thousand dollar wedding for you at the fraction of the cost? I have planned several weddings for couples and it is really an exhilarating Journey, from dream to reality, enabling you to create the perfect setting, for the big "I Do".

"May your heart always be young and your dreams live forever"

Here Are my, "Hot Tips".

You can also contact me by Email for assistance with your dream wedding. I plan weddings in Oregon. But I am Willing to travel for a bride who wants the securities of a perfect wedding.


Hot Tip #1 Make it Famous

Your wedding can be just like the famous couples! You dont have to spend millions of dollars with rental equipment you can borrow things from clubs and organizations and find people friends who can bring and make decorations for you. Go to Google and type in famous wedding's, then look through the photos and pick the ones that strike your fancy! Click on these "images", and save as many images that are close to what you have dreamed of print them out and then put them on your dream board. Make the collage of the high end style you have dreamed of. This will be your "wedding design".The next step is making this dream a reality. lets get started!


Hot Tip #2 "Intimate Wedding"

Guest list: At the actual wedding, keep it small. Keep it an "Intimate" Wedding. This just means everyone else is invited to the bachelorette party and reception afterwards. Your friends and distant family members will show up, trust me on this one, you can still send the invitations for the reception party etc! With a smaller wedding group you just opened up a huge door in your venue choices, plus you just saved a ton of money for your sexy honeymoon. How about just the immediate family or just you two? So keep an open mind, with big weddings you get screaming kids while your trying to say your vows. When you really think about it, its all about you and you fiance'. Another way say your vows is do it is at a distance, so the crowd is considerably distant but close enough to see like at least 30 feet away.

The average bride to be does not know where to start. There is so much to do, she becomes overwhelmed and the wedding is poorly put together at the last minute. Don't be that bride!


One of the first things I do is send out an information packet to my clients. A check off list to help with schedules and customs to help her understand what is expected of a bride and whether she wants to be obligated for. There are so many variables traditional weddings, oriental or something different? When a bride calls, I have several different packets for her to choose from. Then I schedule a meeting to go over all the information together. From there on, I run with the ball, The bride and I have several more discussions and updates. I usually handle everything for her, to the minute detail. I do not talk to family, just the bride. This system has helped me to get it right for the bride. So the plans are perfect for her.

Hot Tip # 3 Hire A Real Photographer

Do not skimp on an amateur photographer! I have seen so many weddings turn out so beautiful and then when you get the pictures they don't depict the atmosphere at all!. They need to get the angles right. It is not worth the heartache or the money you save. Schedule in advance a experienced photographer. Give the underage guests disposable cameras, sometimes you get some really fun clips. The videographer on the other hand could be an college student, usually they have new ideas for video and that's a fun way to go.


Hot Tip #4 Outside the Box Locations

Lets think outside the normal venue box for locations of your wedding, how about a wedding set at a lush golf course? I helped one of my brides to find an affordable place to get married, in one of the most manicured places ever! The wedding needless to say was out of this world! Barn weddings have been popular too. What about renting a beach house? You have instant beach access for a wedding set -up, and a place to crash for the family!! Dude ranches are serene. How about a Spa location? Usually these lavish spas are perfect. Plus you are right there where you can get manicures and pedicures and the freshest hair style,. You do not have to worry about being late!


Hot Tip #5 Customize Invitations

Invitations are so blah, Don't spend much money on those, ask some friends to help you on a day off and make up some cute homemade invitations. See these links for invitations. I was so impressed by these creative and elegant designs, you can make on your own.(See Below) If you want to give this job to the family it will keep them busy, just make sure you mail them off personally.

These are my secrets to a fabulous wedding. Enjoy and Best Wishes to you and your loved one. Mindy


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  • bobkaiser300 profile image

    Joseph Kaiser 4 years ago from Daytona Beach, Florida

    It is so important to get your hands on a wedding timeline and do things in proper order to make it a great wedding!

  • AimeeMorris profile image

    AimeeMorris 5 years ago from Chicago, IL

    Great hub! A wedding in front of a breath taking scene of an empty beach is quite interesting! Thanks for the share!