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Natural Aging and Romance

Updated on November 2, 2020
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Pamela-anne is a certified Freelance Writer who enjoys writing her own articles and ghostwriting for clients on Upwork.


Being a Strange Duck is Okay

If the truth be told I love to walk out in the rain, and not because I have to but want to. I have always been what you might call a strange duck. But at least my strange habits didn't hurt or bother anyone at least not intentionally. There is people unfortunately who seem to thrive on hurting others physically or mentally or both. These people have no concern for others needs only their own. If it means destroying the lives of others to get what they want they will do it in a blink of an eye.

Distaste to Aging

Some have a distaste when their partners begin showing signs of aging, such as finding things are starting to sag and lag perhaps even accompanied by weight gain. How dare we get old! Are you shedding a tear for all the poor people that have to suffer by watching their partners age? If you answered yes to that question I just have to ask "Are you crazy?" If you truly love someone you will love them even when they may gain some extra weight, wrinkles and graying hair. These are a few things that are quite common in the natural aging process; but this doesn't mean that the romance has to stop. You and your partner must explore new ways to keep the relationship healthy and strong. Romance doesn't mean sex but it could be something as simple as going for a walk hand in hand with your partner.

When the One You Love Stops Loving You

It can be absolutely devastating when the one you love stops loving you. Especially if one of their main reasons for falling out of love with you is that you dared to go through the natural process of aging. If you have been through this type of hurt well all I can say is you are better to be rid of such a shallow selfish person. This is someone you really don't need in your life; you must try and find positive people to be around you. The important thing to remember is that you are a good person and don't let some insensitive person telling you otherwise. No matter what happens with your romantic life you must always make sure that you are treated with love and respect. If you are not getting these from your partner maybe it may be time to throw in the towel and move forward. You must love yourself enough to only stay in a relationship where you are being treated well. This doesn't mean that you can't have disagreements but when the love and respect are no longer there it is time to move forward on to bigger and better things. But if you choose to try and mend your relationship both of you must be willing to do your part to make the relationship work. You must be willing to make compromises with each other. One person within the relationship should not get their way all of the time- there must be some give and take from both parties- giving you a better chance at a successful relationship. Keeping the lines of communication open between you and your partner is crucial in a healthy relationship. If you cannot discuss things with your partner the walls that hold the relationship together will start to crumble until they eventually collapse.

With or Without Wrinkles

I myself truly believe that the real beauty of someone comes from within. You may think this sounds corny but believe me it is so true. Most importantly you must love yourself for the person you are; with or without wrinkles. This is so important to remember especially during hard times such as when you split up with the one you loved or perhaps still do.

Look in the Mirror

Remember if it was your partner that stopped loving you then it is their loss not yours. Another thing to try when you are feeling especially down is to look at yourself in the mirror and say to yourself (out loud) "you are a good person and I love you." Believe me this really works I have used it myself and it did make me feel better. It helped starting over and moving forward a little easier.

Good Company

If this method doesn't work for you then there is always the old reliable getting together with some girlfriends or boyfriends for a night of ex -bashing. This will not mend your broken heart but if nothing more it will give you a night in some good company with laughs on the side. The old saying "laughter is good medicine" has a ring of truth to it. I have never heard of anyone saying they feel awful after having a good laugh.

Another Door Opens

The great thing about this medication is you don't need a prescription, its free, and the only side effect is you will feel a lot better than you did before you started to laugh. So what are we waiting for- let's get laughing! Just keep in mind while you are going through your healing process- "that it is better to have loved and lost than to have never have loved at all". Remember that when one door closes for you in life another opens or maybe a window- hopefully not when its raining unless of course you are a strange duck like me!

Aging and Romance

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