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How Do I Know If My Girlfriend Loves Me

Updated on March 25, 2013

I was standing in line the other day waiting for my turn at the register when I started making small talk with a total stranger. We discussed everything from the weather to the high gas prices and then he suddenly he turned to me and asked “how do I know if my girlfriend loves me”.

Frankly I have never met this man’s girlfriend so I was the very last person he should have dropped such a doozie on but I paused for a second and then gave him an answer I will share with you below. As you read this article, please bear in mind that none of this is backed up by any scientific data and it’s all my opinion.

The easiest way to know if your girlfriend loves you is if she tells you herself. Pretty simple, right? If a girl loves you, she’ll tell you when she’s ready for you to know. If she’s not ready to get that vulnerable with you, she will still have fun with you but not tell you how she really feels about you. As tempting as it is to want to find out if your girlfriend loves you, don’t nag her with questions or guilt her into telling you she loves you. Wait for her to say it when she is comfortable saying it.

Another way to know if your girlfriend loves you is through her actions. Relationships are one area of life where actions definitely speak louder than words. If your girlfriend knows you love Cold Play and she surprises you with Cold Play tickets, that’s love. If she remembers to fill your car up with gas after using it, that’s love and if she surprises you with a hot cup of coffee in bed on a cold winter morning, that’s love. Those are just a few thoughtful expressions of love through action.

The most evident way to know for sure that your girlfriend loves you is if she is committed to you and to making your relationship work. If your girlfriend is not cheating on you or disrespecting you by flirting with other men, if she works hard at being a true partner with you and if she sticks around you even in those moments when she does not necessarily like you, that is a woman who truly loves you.


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