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How Do We Move Forward From Tough Times In Life

Updated on March 18, 2014

Just about all of us have experienced or encountered trauma, hard times or some sort of crisis in our lifetime in one way or another whether it be a relationship, a relative or some sort of predicament that we have found ourselves in.

The dilemma is, what we likely would do under those circumstance and how would we proceed forward when we reach that challenging time in our life.

I've observed many people claim it's just too much; I’m unable to do this any longer; I will not attempt to work at this any longer, or even perhaps I don't know what to do.

Have you ever sat and considered the many various decisions in life that you will probably have to make, especially those that you couldn't see a way out or perhaps it hurts so bad you simply didn't know what to do? Those instances where it's so dark you merely feel like going into a hole and you look up and you are unable to see the light because it’s painful and or hurts so bad. If you can "remember" those times that means that your strength was able to pull you through that difficult time as well as get you to the other side of that difficult time.

Strength can be an incredible funny thing. That strength from within; most times you don't realize your own strength until you're faced with a life situation that necessitates strength, then from somewhere your inner strength kicks in. That inner strength affirms, "I have to get up;" that inner strength says to you; "I must move forward;” that inner strength says to you; "I will not let this conquer me."

You may say, feel or believe that you don't have that inner strength, but, just by the mere fact that you could say I "remember" a time while I experienced so much pain, demonstrates that you had to have moved forward pass that period in life otherwise you couldn’t state I remember; this means past tense. The way we get past and work through that pain and agony is actually by means of that inner strength that kicks in.

Why don’t we examine a failed, unsuccessful or maybe a damaged relationship some of us have been in? Those individuals that we have devoted many years to; which may have felt like a lifetime with this individual only to have them betray or even abandon you. This is often one of the most traumatizing as well as challenging times and memories that one could possibly have. Despite having hurt like this, that inner strength can certainly kick in and help permitting an individual not only to mend but also to move forward by never allowing someone to accomplish the same thing over again. This will not occur overnight but it nonetheless does happen, plus it will happen and believe it or not the great thing about that is you will detect, observe, see as well as notice things on account of hindsight.

That inner strength will allow you not to look back to look forward to grow stronger, yes you will certainly have those sad unfortunate memories, however, it won't dominate or consume you as it did previously. Then when you ask how is one capable of moving forward from those tough and difficult moments in life; we're able to accomplish this from learning, from understanding, from observing, from remembering, from allowing and making it possible for your inner strength to help.

A very important factor regarding humans, with the human intellect you have options; and that's either to remain caught up or to proceed forward. Today some of us require and will discover in order to move forward we will need assistance from others, recognize and accept that help. There will be those instances where by we have to keep in mind that no one person is an island and that's certainly ok. Along with help you can easily still bring that inner strength out.

Tough times in life will come and go, this builds character and creates a stronger, tougher, and wiser person. Never fear facing and dealing with those tough moments. Allow your inner strength to guide and direct you. Many of us must heal or recover from one thing or another, you usually are not alone. Always remember and try not to forget you can certainly move forward and progress from those tough times in life.


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    • ilovetowrite94 profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      Yes indeed we are amazed; but, it's such a great feeling when we realize, I can do it!!

    • tirelesstraveler profile image

      Judy Specht 

      4 years ago from California

      Strength is indeed a funny thing. Most of us never have it until we need it, then it shows up and we are amazed.


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