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How Do You Get A Guy To Like You: 18 Ways To Make A Boy Like You

Updated on October 3, 2015
Follow these tips to get a boy to like you
Follow these tips to get a boy to like you

How To Get a Guy to Like You

How do you get a guy to like you? If you want to get the guy you want, you must observe or put into practice working dos and don’ts that will finally help you in getting a man get interested in you. Guys don’t like or get interested in every girl that comes on their way but there are definitely things you can do to make them want you again if they ignored you before. If you are interested in a guy but don’t sure or feel like he likes you back, it’s time you learn about the different ways or tips and tricks that may be of beneficial to you as you try to impress and get him like you.

Getting a guy to like you isn’t a rocket science but neither should it be very hard and challenging. In this article I’m going to list 18 things you can do to attract or get a man to fall in love with you.

Tips to Get a Boy to Like You

  1. Show him how awesome you are! You have strengths and talents. Put them on display and make sure he knows what you bring to the relationship. You are awesome! Make sure he knows.
  2. Be confident around him and he will find you interesting. Don’t be insecure or feel intimidated or threatened when you are together because that is a recipe for rejection
  3. Does he know you are available? If no give him indications that you are single and ready for relationship
  4. Connect and chart with him on social networks like Twitter and Facebook and remember to indicate your marital status as single
  5. Hang out more with your girlfriends and not members of the opposite sex. If he sees you hanging out frequently with other boys, he will assume that you are taken and the probability of him bothering you is almost nil
  6. Get yourself noticed by him and give him some hints that you find him interesting
  7. Be friendly towards him by smiling whenever you meet one another. Say hi to him before he says it to you. You can also tell him “goodbye” when you are parting company. Wish him well in his endeavors. At the end he will see you as a caring lady and who knows he will like you back?
  8. Get to know about his interests and likes and get interested in him. this will help you in starting conversations with him
  9. Introduce yourself and let him know more about you.
  10. Let him find you to be fun and enjoy your company. Tell him jokes, hilarious stories or things that can make him laugh
  11. Don’t push yourself to the wall or in a manner that suggests you don’t want anything to do with him. get closer to him, enjoy his company and be like his best friend
  12. Doing things together might make you get interested in one another. Whenever you see him doing some tasks, ask if you can join or help him in accomplishing it. Most likely he will allow you to get involved and that will obviously make you to be close to one another and discuss things you weren’t able before.
  13. Don’t look like you are competing for him. you only need wonderful and special qualities and the guy will notice you and like you back
  14. Ask about him when necessary. When you are talking with his friends, ask about him, where he is and how he is doing. His friends will most likely inform him of your enquiry when they later meet. This way he will know of your interest in him.
  15. Don’t make it easy for him and let him strife hard to get you. Flirt with other guys if necessary but remember not to overdo it. Your aim should be to make him jealous so that he works hard to get you.
  16. Make yourself likeable by dressing nicely, doing your hair and nails. Be organized and let you be seen as a person who is responsible. Putting on a nice fragrance like Versace perfume may work in your favor.
  17. Try to help him with the things he may need. Ask him if you can help him and that will make him to appreciate your efforts and “caring” nature.
  18. Be yourself and don’t try to change your behavior in an attempt to please him. surely you can’t be someone else and if you are sincere with yourself you will be able to convince him that you are the best woman for him

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