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9 Secrets about How to Get a Boy to Like You

Updated on August 13, 2014

How do you get a boy to like you? This is a question asked by girls, the world over, during their entire adolescence - from the time they are 6 to the time they die. Of course, by the time they get to about age 20, the question becomes not "how do I get a boy to like me?" but "how do I get a man to like me?"

Nevertheless, this is about boys and getting a boy to like you is very different when you are 6 than when you are 86. In fact, it's pretty different trying to get a boy to like you when you are 6 than when you are 10 or 14. So, if I'm going to be asked "how do you get a boy to like you?" by a girl who's 6, I'm going to have a certain answer (like "be patient little girl"). When that same question is asked by a girl who is 10, the answer is going to be slightly different.


The very question "how do you get a boy to like you?" indicates that the girl who is asking the question is probably young because as we get older, we use words like "guy", "man", "scumbag", and "suckwad". We ask "how do I get a guy to like me?" or "how do we get a man to like me?" Because this article is titled "How do I get a boy to like me?" I'm going to address the answers to girls between the ages of 6 and the ages of 16. While some parts of my answer are the same for all ages, some are different. So read on girls, and this girl will tell you what you need to do to get a boy to like you.

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  • Remember, girls are more mature than boys- This is hugely important if you're a girl. 99% of all the boys you're going to want to like you are going to be less mature than you. That means that you're going to do something that makes complete sense and they're going to react in a way that seems ridiculous and juvenile or like some kind of alien. I know this article is meant for girls, but trust me, this continues well into womanhood and beyond. Women grow up a lot faster than men. Many men stay boys forever, so these lessons may carry on for some time even when they seem like they shouldn't. When you like a boy and he doesn't seem to like you or notice you, he may not even be ready to notice you. This can often mean resorting to other measures. Also, because girls just understand that whole emotional landscape better than boys, boys are often going to seem stupid. Really, when it comes to dating, boys often just don't have the grasp of the whole landscape like women.
  • Never relinquish your self-respect- No matter how much you like a boy, when you come to that point where you are questioning a decision and wonder how it might affect your reputation or what people might think of you and you know deep in your heart that if you make the decision one way that you will think less of yourself, don't do it. Never make a decision that will affect your belief in yourself or your confidence in yourself. Boys are temporary. Self-respect is forever. That being said, if you are super, super desperate, go for it. It also means that if you are comfortable doing something that may be outside the acceptance of your social circle, go ahead. Just make sure you feel good explaining yourself.
  • Boys are silly- Remember that boys are silly creatures. Before they hit that magical, mystical thing they call puberty, they are not likely to make any sense to you at all. If the boy you want to like you hasn't hit puberty (he's got no facial hair and his voice is still high), don't fret about how he reacts to you. Before boys hit puberty, they're not that interested in girls, especially not in the way girls are interested in them. Refusing your interest might be as big a deal to them as accepting. You just don't know what they and their friends are thinking, so don't try to figure it out. So if you're a girl and you want a boy who hasn't hit puberty to like you, you're probably going to have to do boy things to get them to think that you're cool, like farting, and scratching your groin at inappropriate times.

I like you!
I like you! | Source
  • You have all the power- Because girls are more mature and boys become unbelievably awkward and confused during puberty, remember that you, future women of the world, have all the power. Once that boy realizes that he wants to kiss and hug girls and not spit on them and pull their bra straps for no reason, he will be like putty in your hands. Make sure that the boys you are interested in are also interested in you and then you will dictate the terms of everything that you do. I boy will not realize until way too late that he has any power over women at all. In fact, he might live his entire life without realizing it.
  • There are always more boys- Crushes are wonderful, but always, always remember that if one boy doesn't like you, there's another boy who will. This is very important. It is unhealthy to become fixated on one boy. There are tons of boys worth your time. Cute boys are like mosquitoes - they're everywhere and you usually have to slap them hard to keep them off of you.
  • Boys are very dense - Boys don't understand girls very well, so don't be surprised if you flirt with a guy and he doesn't work up the courage to ask you out. If this happens, it's just as likely that he may not be interested as it is that he's still wondering whether you like him or not. You may actually have to tell him that you like him and see what he does. If he doesn't do anything, go after another boy and it's probable that the first boy will realize that he likes you. If you really want that first boy to like you, try to figure out through his friends if he likes you or not and is maybe just too scared to ask you out.
  • Flirting- Flirting is an essential girl quality you're going to need if you want to communicate with boys in a way other than walking up to them and asking them if they like you. What is flirting exactly. It's really nothing more than seemingly a little more interested in a boy than the other girls. It means laughing at their jokes, maybe touching them on the shoulder after they've said something funny, tossing your hair around. Stuff like that.
  • Don't Be Afraid to Do the Asking - Being a girl doesn't have to mean waiting around for boys to ask you out. Sometimes, if you want to know where you stand, you have to do the asking. Just remember you probably have to be very clear or the boy may get the wrong idea. Say something like "hey, I'd like to get to know you better. Let's go to a movie."
  • Do Something to Get the Boy to Notice You - If a boy doesn't know you exist, he's not going to like you. He's not going to dislike you either. He's just not going to know one way or the other. In other words, you just can't sit on the sidelines and expect whatever boy you like to magically come over to you and engage you on some level. It's just not going to happen. I've outlined a few things you can do to get a boy to notice you, like flirting, but you can start on an even more basic level and just talk to him. Ask him what he likes to do. And then see if you can do some of that stuff with him. That's a start.


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  • d.william profile image

    d.william 4 years ago from Somewhere in the south

    Great hub. brought me back to my awkward boyhood a hundred years ago.

  • HaileyAdams profile image

    Hailey 4 years ago

    sweet hub, it's not easy to make a boy to like you, nice tips.