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How Do You Introduce Yourself?

Updated on April 1, 2012

One of the more important things one must learn is the art of making a good impression. There are some people who seem to naturally know what to say in most occasions. And there are also those who have difficulty. Introverts seem to fall into the second category. Shy people just seem to find the words stuck in their mouths and the mind becoming blank. So if you are one of those who seem uncertain and you need a guide of sorts, then this article is for you.


Before going to that party, meeting or any event, make sure you have the proper mindset to take with you.

Be Happy: Happy people are a joy to be around.

Be Interested: If you want people to be interested in you, be genuinely interested in them too.

Be Yourself: Being yourself is the best thing you can do. But starting today you need to commit to keep on learning about yourself. Appreciate who you are and keep on growing. That's one way to be confident. Being a fake is not sexy nor will it get someone’s attention.


Tip No. 1:

A person feels important if you call them by their names. If you know the name already, start the introduction by saying, “Hi Sandy, I’m June.” In a professional or business meeting, it would be good if you can say your name twice. “Hi Sandy, I’m June. June Thomas.”

After the exchange of names, you can follow it up with additional information like your title, company or other relevant information. If you are in a social setting like parties or get together, you can add other important things related to the event.

Samples of additional information:

A mom attending a party for kids to the host: “I adore children’s themed parties’ esp. superheroes like this one-batman! My two boys just can’t get enough of them.”

A teenager being introduced to a pretty girl in a boy-girl encounter: “I’m in senior year and a glee club member!”

Sharing additional information helps the other person remember you and at the same time know you.

Tip No. 2

Accompany your words with a smile as you look at the person eye to eye, not at the floor or anyone else. Your body language is important. It says a lot. Are you confident? They will see it in the way you stand...your posture. A confident person will stand straight and tall. I have a friend who has a height to die for but because she felt uncomfortable with her height, she was always hunching.

Your smile with direct eye contact is one way to make the other person feel comfortable. Imagine what it would be like if you are talking to someone who is not even bothering to look at you or one who doesn’t want to smile back. It makes you feel uneasy and awkward. Another friend of mine always makes me feel welcome because when she sees me her smile would light up her whole face. It does make me feel good.

So remember to have good posture, smile and look at the person directly.

Tip No. 3

Connect and build rapport by finding common interests and by asking questions. I find it interesting that having a common ground suddenly would make you feel connected to another person.

For instance, in a wedding setting, a lot of introductions would be geared towards the relationship you have with the bride or groom. “Hi, I’m Tom. I’m the bride’s nephew. In fact I am the only nephew she has who can make her dance the tango.“

Finding a common ground means looking at the situation and observing the person you are talking to. In a book club for instance, a person can notice what book the person is reading and comment on that. “The Alchemist is one of my favourites too. Lucky for me, I met Paulo Coelho in a bookstore and got him to sign my book. Do you have a favourite too?”

Again, remember to build rapport by finding common interests and asking questions.

There are probably other complicated ways to introduce yourself. But I would always advocate for simplicity. Go for the basics! Why make life complicated enough, right? And most of all, just enjoy the whole experience. When you do, you will feel comfortable and at ease meeting people.

Are you ready to introduce yourself?

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