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How Do You Teach Your Sons Respect? Raising Sons To Respect themselves & others

Updated on February 17, 2011

How do you teach your sons respect?

I have been very blessed with the honor of raising three sons over the last 25 years. Luckily they have all grown to be very confident and respectful young men, Robert, David & Matthew. Just yesterday they were all little boys. I blinked and they are all now in college. It goes that fast.

Since the boys were very young I tried to teach them respect by respecting them. I respected them as individuals, respected their opinions (and their sides of the story) and listened to them and let them know they mattered. I always taught them to believe in themselves and to take life seriously but to never forget to have a sense of humor and to not give up their goals without a fight! They alway knew they could come to me about anything and talk to me about anything. As they got older I would not always agree with certain decisions they were making but I would offer my advise and let them know I was behind them.

I believe the most important thing a boy needs to grow into a respectful young man is his father's respect of their Mother. My son's Father sets a very good example. Although we have been apart for years we remain good "friends" because we share the bond of three wonderful sons. It is a shame that when some parents separate they involve the children. I also have shown the boys my respect for their Father and include him in every aspect of their lives. It goes without saying. How could I not have deep respect for the man who fathered three wonderful sons? It's all about mutual respect!

Getting groceries for our Son David's new apartment off campus.
Getting groceries for our Son David's new apartment off campus.

Love & Respect

Love & Respect
Love & Respect


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    • soneblom profile image

      soneblom 7 years ago from South Africa

      Bless you! What a wonderful hub so inspiring! Thanks..... :-)