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How Guys Can Get More Attention Brought To Their Plenty Of Fish Dating Profile

Updated on March 25, 2013

Get More Women Looking At Your Plenty Of Fish Profile - TRICK

I often hear guys complaining about what a high guy to girl ration there is on Plenty Of Fish, about how women are so flooded with messages it's hard to get any attention on you and your profile and similar complaints along those lines.

Today I am going to teach you a trick to get hoards of women viewing and looking at your Plenty Of Fish online dating profile as well as getting more women messaging you...or for those of you who have never received an unsolicited inbound message this trick will get women messaging you.

Here's the trick and it's pretty simple. Plenty Of Fish has a "Meet Me" feature. Basically you will be shown a photo of a women with a very brief bit of info such as age and hometown. You have three options to click Yes, Maybe, No. The idea of this feature is you should click yes to women you are attracted to and no to women you are not attracted to. These women will then see a message saying you expressed interest in them.

It can be time consuming sorting clicking from one picture to another deciding if you're attracted to a women. So what the trick is, is to just click yes in rapid succession to EVERY single profile you see. This doesn't take much time as you are blindly just hitting your mouse button over and over and over. I'd recommend employing this strategy on your phone via the POF app vs doing it on the website as the smartphone app loads much faster and you can go through more profiles more quickly.

Typically when you click yes to a women she will at the very least view your profile. If she likes what she sees she may wind up sending you a message. Prior to employing this trick I used to have very few women checking out my profile and had maybe one time received an unsolicited message from a women.

Once I employed this trick however within a half hour of me doing a barrage of "Yes" I'd like to meet you's, I had probably 30-40 women view my profile and had received 4 messages. This was literally probably within 15 minutes of me doing a barrage of "Yes" votes.

For all the guys out there who complain about how your profile doesn't get any views or that women never message you try this out and I can pretty much guranteee that you will at the very least see many more views on your profile. If you have an interesting profile and have attractive pictures up you will most likely also begin to get inbound messages.

Employ this trick and report back and leave a comment if you found it to be successful.


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