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How I Didn’t Use Sex to Get Equal Rights

Updated on July 1, 2014

Progressive Women, Hear Me Out.

There have to be more women out there like me, sick of this torrid crap and the government funded, male hypocrisy women are getting.

Hobby Lobby used money it earned peddling cheap Chinese Products, providing millions of dollars to China’s state run and mandated abortion machine- including late term- but their religion forbids them from providing the day after pill?

Every man in the Hobby Lobby corporate family is provided coverage for Erectile Dysfunctions, Vasectomies and “Low T” but since there is no way to classify feminine birth control as anything other than birth control, we can’t have it.

Is that the gist of all this, because I call CRAP!!!!

Everyday people sin, starve, are killed or enslaved but my sexual rights- All Our rights are what you need to concentrate on because…

And don’t be fooled by the stupidity that there is some bible somewhere that makes it an immortal sin to have an abortion or otherwise interrupt a pregnancy, there’s plenty of abortion in religious tomes and past behavior; so shove it.

Show me where it says a woman is supposed to get pregnant and have 19 kids, while you get to fondle your manhood to Internet Porn, avoiding pregnant sex while we carry your hell-spawn for 9 months.

Or even worse, you decide to try some insane sexual position you learned on a Brazilian Fart Sex site and break yourself while performing the stunt-acrobats that some contortionist did on the internet. Not only will we simply have to tell our friends but also we may never look at you the same again.

Just like if you support current laws you’ll also lose our respect and coital privileges.

Women Launch Sex Strike

In Japan, Women Launch Sex Strike To Protest Yoichi Masuzoe, Tokyo Governor Candidate.
In Japan, Women Launch Sex Strike To Protest Yoichi Masuzoe, Tokyo Governor Candidate. | Source

Men Need Reminding

We are not temperamental, emotional, uneducated and unreasonable creatures from some other planet. We are the mothers who send children to war. The same mothers who inspire doctors and lawyers and scientist to leave home and create or become the leaders of tomorrow. Without what we want, and us every heterosexual man on this Earth would lead a miserable existence and if you watch enough “Snapped” you should know trying to control us will lead to a short existence as well.

But let’s not go all knife wielding lunatics, instead let us take example from women all over the world and how they have made changes in their countries; Shut Down the Sex!

Ukrainian Women’s Lysistrata Moment: Sex Strike Against Russian Men
Ukrainian Women’s Lysistrata Moment: Sex Strike Against Russian Men | Source

So let’s set a few things straight:

The American Way Is:

  • Women make less money for the same work and no one cares!
  • Women are slut shamed after being sexually assaulted and the assault somehow becomes their own fault!
  • Women raised multiple children in sheer poverty because they couldn’t afford proper birth control and are classified as welfare whores bleeding the system?
  • Women can’t get “The Pill” in their insurance, in certain places they can’t get an abortion and more and it seems that when faced with fertility issues they should just pray to get pregnant instead of having medical coverage and a doctor.
  • Women are often fired rather than provided maternity leave.

As you can tell I am obviously angry about these decisions, angry about the future possible implications, angry about what they say about women and angry that not enough has been done to stop this snowball from trampling the feminine movement.

We Have Rights

Different sexual plumbing does not constitute a reason for different human rights!
Different sexual plumbing does not constitute a reason for different human rights! | Source

Let's Start A Change

A few months ago my husband Steven Yaniz applauded some women on the news from Central or South America. These women had decided their government had abandoned them to ruthless laws meant to punish them for just being. They decided to cause a Sex Strike until their government changed the laws and protected them. This wasn’t some little town or province; it was a national movement that stopped the government from forgetting their women, their mothers, and their matriarchs.

I say we go the same direction.

Women who have had it with political gynecology should shutdown their pleasure canals until they shutdown the path of anti-woman laws, starting with women married to politician husbands. But don’t think we have to stop there, all of us must go this way and change can be accomplished. Cut off a Senator or Congressman from his HooHaw everywhere, at home and on the side. Cut off EVERY MAN’s VeeJayJay access and suddenly there are a bunch of motivated men willing to do your bidding-to some extent.

We can use the Catholic cliché’ and hold the proverbial glass of water or aspirin between our knees until someone “puts a ring” on every woman's equal right!

The Crossed Legs Movement

TOGO Sex Strike

And there is much more we can do and so many other ways to motivate this issue, because it shouldn’t be married women or single women taking a stand; it should be ALL Women. Whether you’re a Porn Star or Mommy Home Maker, put a lock on the veejayjay and take a well-deserved break. Don’t worry about the women not joining the fight, they can try to imitate but they will never replicate what you offer your partner.

© 2014 Jennifer Yaniz


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      Bellezza-Decor 3 years ago from Canada


    • jenniferyaniz profile image

      Jennifer Yaniz 3 years ago from Chicago, IL

      I was made to edit it, because it used the V-word too many times, but thanks!

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      Debra Allen 3 years ago from West By God

      You tell it woman!!!!