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10 Reasons Why Sex Is Important in Your Relationship

Updated on October 22, 2017
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Shivani is a professional Digital Marketer and freelancer. She loves to write blogs on personal life and relationships. She is fond of cats.

I Love Being Yours

Let's Be Honest

Do you think sex before marriage is wrong to make?

There are many who believe that it is! No matter what your answer, chances are you can find a partner out there who will agree with you on some level. You have to ensure that you're compatible with this person in other fields of the relationship and finding a sexual compatibility partner is as important as those "more important" issues.

Time To Get Naughty

Love Unconditionally, Fuck Passionately

Sex can be much more passionate experience when you share it with a meaningful partner. Sex is considered as an act of making love. However, nowadays most people do not hesitate to enter into a sexual alliance even it's a newly formed relationship. For those people, sex may seem overrated, but I'll give you ten bang on reasons why sex is beneficial for your relationship.

1. Waters your relationship:

The first and foremost reason why sex is important is that it helps you strengthen the bond of your love. Being intimate with one another is going to bring both of you closer.

2. Keeps you connected:

Your bedroom chemistry can also improve the chemistry in your relationship. Sex can bring you closer to your partner not just physically but also emotionally. It is the best way to recharge at the end of the day.

3. Makes you feel important:

When he wraps his arm around you, the feeling indescribable. You tend to feel secure in this big wide world. You want your partner to know you inside and out. The more often you have sex, the better he'll get at making you happy. Isn't it sexy?

4. Takes away the stress:

If you are feeling depressed and tired, getting intimate can soothe stress and anxiety. I mean, who doesn't want to come home after a long stressful day and release that with an explosive orgasm.

5. Keeps the romance alive:

Sex has an emotional appeal to it. It releases oxytocin, which is also called the love hormone that will make you feel that you need to love and trust your partner. Sex makes people happy for a longer period of time which is the main ingredient to keep the romance alive.

6. Keeps you healthy:

An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away. Regular sex can improve cardiovascular health and it also reduces the risk of prostate cancer. Sex also makes you more flexible.

7. Stops boredom:

When you are with the right person, you'll love every second you spend with them, especially the time you spend naked. You can spend all night long in an experimental sex odyssey and can have fun and freaky sex dares to turn up the heat on your sex life.

8. Brings you closer:

One of the many reasons why sex is important is because it brings in that special feeling into the relationship, especially in long-term relationships. Sex develops an intense bond which brings you closer, that's why you should strip off your clothes whenever you can.

9. No more feeling lonely:

When you get physical in a relationship, there is no sense of feeling lonely as you know your partner's shoulder is there to lean on. You know that someone is always there for you when everything sucks.

10. Makes you look younger:

All my ladies, have as much sex as you can because it will help you look younger. Right now, you might not be worried about wrinkles, but you will be in the future. hormones released during regular sex, like testosterone and estrogen, keep the body looking young. Estrogen is responsible for soft skin and shiny hair.


What I Think Is...

Since people are texting to each other all the time, why don't they have a separate erotic mailbox where they can actually talk about what they fancy in each other and how they are thinking of each other.

The secret to a happy relationship is to love unconditionally, make each other laugh and fuck like there's no tomorrow

Flirty, Nerdy & A Little Dirty

© 2017 Shivani Negi


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