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Men - How You Can be Cool Around Women

Updated on September 8, 2016
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James Ranka is a known winner in all love games. Now happily married, his black book of ex's phone numbers auctioned at $1,000,276 in 1983.

TRAIT 1: Men - A Cool, 'Now' Wardrobe Is A Must To Attract Women!

Pick up a GQ mag and invest in a sleek wardrobe that will compliment a new, trend-setting man.

This trait is placed in the number 1 position for a reason. It's THE most critical feature on the list.

If you ignore the rest, always remember to dress as you are the only male in the room showing chic, and a unique style. You will feel confident, and that will fill your dating book with women's phone and email info - GUARANTEED!

While you are dressing to the 9s, get a hair style that fits your image. The two go together like love and marriage.

Women Are Attracted To Confident Men

MEN - What does the dynamic, 9 letter word, 'confident' mean for you?

First, confidence or confident as found in Copywriter31's Lexicon reads: 'Confident' - "a trait men possess to successfully attract women."

That definition is complete, assuming learning how to attract one woman or many women is your reason for reading this article.

Some would say confidence is a gift from the gods, but I reckon a low self-esteemed, no-confident man can become a James Bond lady slayer by simply emulating the next 5 Copywriter31 traits on "How To Attract Women."


Open the car door for women in all of your dating activity (this action exudes class and will definitely help you find and keep a girl!)

If your first meeting is a restaurant affair, keep the conversation flowing with generally ordinary things, meaning, don't ask a girl, "after dinner, how about a wrestling match at my place?"

Save those questions for later in the relationship. Start s-l-o-w-l-y, and don't dominate the entire conversation.

Give a woman your full attention, and this ties in with: NEVER stare at or flirt with other women
. . . This stupid action, more likely than not, ruins chances of finding a classy lady.


Being cool personality traits for men:

  1. Act slightly aloof or distant.
  2. Quit flapping your gums so much. Let the lady speak, and give your best attempt to really listen. Don't feel as though you need to throw your 2 cents worth in every conversation.
  3. Show some reserve like you know something the rest of the crowd doesn't. A sly smile can make this happen. But, if your smile reveals a grill with missing parts, find another way . . . or a reputable dentist!
  4. ALWAYS show a calm, composed and steady demeanor.
  5. Show some, "I'm enjoying myself, but I couldn't care less if this relationship works out or not" . . . NOTICE, I said show some. A thin line exists using this tactic, and you better understand when to shift gears if a woman begins playing the same ' could care less' game. Tread lightly here.
  6. You are self confident; and you always have it together! Be that man.


Hit the gym, the weight room or any exercise facility. To elevate self-esteem and confidence, you must be proud of your body.

Think about it: Wouldn't you agree that your confidence peaks, your self-esteem naturally climbs and the natural endorphins kick in when you engage in a regular workout routine?

Well then, "Just Do It". Don't think about it. Leave this hub right now, (as engrossing as it most assuredly is) and go to your area of activity.

Women migrate to physically fit men - beer guts won't cut it.

By the way, a gym is a great place to display an attractive, muscular body because most every gym is co-ed.

While it's true many women go there for a workout, their eyes are always shooting dating reconnaissance lasers in the direction of well-built and in-shape men.


When the late golfer, Ben Hogan, began his march to bang practice balls before a golf tournament, he assessed every pro on the range.

He noticed less-than-confident players tweaking their swings on the range and rapped out this now-famous quotation:

"Fellas, if you didn't bring it with ya', you won't find it here."

In other words, when it's your tee time you better be oozing solid self-esteem backed with supreme confidence.

If you 'didn't bring it with ya' you will be ignored, scorned, and turned down EVERY time you hit the hunt.


A strong sense of humor travels many miles on the path leading to dating heaven.

Let's say you've achieved all the self-confident, high self-esteem traits found in this hub, and you are still striking out in your quest of woman hunting.

Check your sense of humor.

If you are playing the women and dating field with NO sense of humor . . . Don't give up.

You need not be a Seinfeld to have a strong sense of humor. Here is the key! Simply relax - AND BE YOURSELF.

Learn to laugh at yourself. Everyone occasionally, play the proverbial fool . . . share those crazy gaffs. This shows women you are comfortable in your own skin.

You are simply talking to another human being; lighten up!.


Take inventory of YOUR unique personality, and look for areas you can change.

EMULATE THESE TRAITS . . . They will work, but you can't force attraction.

These traits create every possibility for mutual attraction, but sometimes, men, the
'no chemistry' factor is going to occur.

When this happens, stay the course, my son. Continue to dress out for the action, keep your ears lowered, laugh at yourself, and find YOUR unique style.

Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day, and a confident man cannot keep the girls away. (I know - corny, huh? Ah, but the thought is indeed true. . . these traits WILL work for YOU!)

© 2013 James Ranka


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