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How Much Do Wedding Officiants Charge

Updated on September 21, 2013
How Much Do Wedding Officiants Charge
How Much Do Wedding Officiants Charge | Source

The fee structure for wedding officiants is similar to other vendors in the way that they also offer wedding packages consisting of all of the different products and services they offer at different levels. Also like all other wedding vendors, the actual fees and price of officiant’s wedding packages will vary depending on the area they serve, the season, and the day of the week and time of the month. (

Those officiants in bigger cities and more populated areas are able to charge more than others. They will also charge more in peak wedding seasons and on more popular days of the week for weddings because they are in higher demand at those times. Those officiants with more experience, and that offer more services to their customers will also charge more for their expertise. There is also another simple break down for officiating costs in relation to officiant preference for charging customers. Regardless of experience or services, there are reasonable officiant prices and there are those that are unreasonable. Let’s look at these.

  • Low-priced officiants price their wedding packages anywhere from free (donation only) to about $150. Unlike some other wedding vendors, this does not mean anything. Most of the free officiants work for the church where the wedding couple is getting married. As they are not technically able to charge for their services within their church, they request a donation to the church instead. The majority of these people are experienced, capable officiants that have officiated hundreds of weddings over the years and can be trusted. If they are charging anything up to about $150, they are likely trying to save the couple money.
  • Mid-priced officiants typically price their wedding packages from $200 to $300. These officiants are likely the career wedding officiants not employed by a church. Most independent wedding officiants will fall into this category. This price is a little high for officiant services, but will offer a great value for the services they are providing.
  • High-priced officiants will price their wedding packages at around $500 to about $1000. They either think that their experience or abilities have earned them higher pay, or that they are offering something that others are not to their customers. However, when it comes down to it, this person is simply getting up in front of an audience and reading a script that they have essentially read (with maybe a few different words or sentences) hundreds of times. If they are personalizing the ceremony, helping to write vows, or even mailing in the signed marriage license, they are not doing anything that’s out of the scope of their job. There’s no reason to pay this much for an officiant.
  • Ridiculously-priced officiants price their wedding packages at $1500 and higher. This section is called ridiculous for a reason. Why not just charge a couple of thousand? Many wedding vendors seem to think that they can charge their couples any price they want as long as they can use the right words, the right sales tactics, and convince them that they are worth the money. This is equal to highway robbery. Any officiant that posts prices this high should be sending you some serious read flags. Run and run fast.

How Much Do Wedding Officiants Charge
How Much Do Wedding Officiants Charge | Source

Prices for Products and Services

Obviously this may not be a full comprehensive list of every product or service any officiant may choose to offer, but only a list of all services currently offered by most officiants. Each and every officiant may choose to create other options for couples that come their direction, and as years pass, new services will be needed.

Just as with every other vendor, some of these prices are going to seem more than reasonable, and some may shock you. In a time where money is everything and many are greedy, the majority of the prices you find will seem unreasonable. This is one reason it is so important to find someone you can trust and only choose those that seem honest and reliable.

  • A get-acquainted meeting – free to $400
  • Pre-marital Counseling - $50 to $1000 ($25 to $150 an hour for six sessions)
  • In-person meetings – this is usually a travel fee of gas and mileage, plus their hourly fee
  • Telephone and Email Consultations – free to $25 each
  • A wedding workbook (for the couple's use which offers readings, rituals, etc.) - $10 to $60
  • Prepare the space (for the marriage ritual with prayer and purification) – depends on officiant
  • Pre-ceremony meeting – free to $50

  • Essential Ceremony In Our Office - $25 to $350
  • Essential Ceremony At Your Site - free to $2,500
  • Complete Ceremony - $250 to $2,500
  • Ceremony Writing - $100 to $400
  • Personalized Ceremony - $200 to $1,000
  • Rehearsal - $50 to $300
  • Audio & traditional/or personal wedding music - $20 to $100
  • Marriage License - $40 to $100
  • Submitting License to Court - $20-$225 (may depend on distance from preferred courthouse, including out of state)
  • Travel - $25 to $100 ($0.50 to $1 a mile, plus gas and lodging if necessary)
  • A bound copy of the ceremony along with a keepsake marriage certificate - $10 to $100
  • Writing unique wedding vows - $60 to $160
  • A sand ceremony - (or any special ceremony within the wedding ceremony) $25 to $75
  • Name Change Kit - $25 to $210
  • Public Speaking Coaching - (for readers) $20 to $85 a lesson
  • Administration fees - $25 to $200
  • Late fees (in case the ceremony starts late) - $50 to $100

How Much Do Wedding Officiants Charge
How Much Do Wedding Officiants Charge | Source

I know some of these prices are incredible, but so are some of the products and services being offered. Wedding vendors have really gotten creative providing services to their customers over the years. It’s important to do your research when seeking wedding officiants to find the best value. If they seem like they’re charging too much or charging for too much, they probably are. Be careful.

Any and all negotiations and services requested should be spelled out in detail in a final contract before any agreement is signed or any money changes hands. This includes arrival and departure times, and whether a meal will be offered to them. Make sure to also take into account any and all hidden fees and charges from the very beginning. This way you can ensure that you are, at least, getting exactly what you paid for every time and there will be no surprises.

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