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How Not to Be Annoying During a Movie or Play

Updated on June 29, 2013

Theater Etiquette


Miss Manners Comes for a Visit

I try to teach my kids good manners. It is extremely hard sometimes when adults and young adults show a lack of manners at restaurants, movies, play, or anywhere in public.

Basic manner have been forgotten and new social media rules have been applied on their own merit.

The Phone is OFF!

When attending anytime of performance it is important to turn off your cell phone. Most require that you silence your cell phone, this is not enough. While there are some interactive shows that ask you to tweet or text these are few and far between right now. Your phone screen creates light distracting the other people trying to watch the performance. Your texting, checking facebook, tweeting, or taking pictures is rude and distracting to others. Just don't do it. This week a celebrity was accused of tweeting during a funeral, although the accusation were wrong it is important to note that the person accused had left her phone in the car during the service because there was no need to have it on her person during that time, anything else could have waited until afterward.

Your Voice is OFF!

This is not social time. I have always said a movie is not a great first date because you don't get to know each other sitting in complete silence. I hate when people have side conversations during movies or performances. This is highly rude and unacceptable.

Talking should not happen during any type of performance. it can be distracting for the actors, the audience, and the people you are with. No one likes a person that talks through and over a movie.

Do not talk. End of story.

If food is allowed it needs to be Quiet

Most plays do not allow food, so don't bring it. If you are opening a cough drop or stick of gum do so quietly as to not distract those around you.

Movies on the other hand bring a multitude of food problems. Loud eaters, food throwers, candy wrapper novices, etc. These are all problems that can and will distract other people in the theater.

Public Transit

Do you think it is acceptable to talk on your phone on public transit?

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Public Transportation is not your Bedroom

No one on the public train or bus wants to know the details of your breakup, dr appointment, or dating life. Stay off the phone while on public transportation. This is the perfect time to reply to texts, play internet games, or check Facebook. It is not the time to call your mom, best friend, or significant other.

It is also not the time to clip your nails, paint them or anything else that has to do with hygiene.

Get off Your Phone!

Does this really need to be said??
Does this really need to be said?? | Source

Get of the Phone!

Do not talk on your phone in line at the grocery store, the drive thru, or any other place you have to interact with people. End of story, no if and or buts.

Learn Manners

When in doubt with how to behave in public. Look to your elders, not always a great rule of thumb but if a majority of the older generation are not doing it you shouldn't be either.

If you think it might bother someone don't do it.

If your mother wouldn't do it don't do it.

If you wouldn't do it if your mother was there, then don't do it.

If you are ignoring the people you are with, don't do it.


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