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How The Dark Days Of An Addiction Can Turn Into Bright Days Of Sobriety

Updated on July 21, 2014

I can remember, as I am sure many people that were or are addicted to alcohol the dark days of their addiction to alcohol. I remember as if it were yesterday and the reason I say yesterday is that my addiction to alcohol has scared my life, my families lives and my friends.

Anyone that is addicted to alcohol does not realize how we are hurting not only ourselves, but many people that love and care for us. We just can't see beyond our addiction and that is something I will always remember and it will be a reminder to me if and when I ever get the urge or the desire to drink alcohol again.

I have had many dark days while being addicted to alcohol and basically missed out on some of the best years of my life and spending quality time with my children while they were growing up, all because I put my addiction before anything else and this is why I write my articles on my life being addicted to alcohol hoping that my mistakes will help someone else that is suffering with an addiction.

I can now say being sober how the dark days of an addiction can turn into bright days of sobriety by my own experiences with drinking alcohol and how my life has changed by quitting drinking alcohol and living the clean life.

My days are full of happiness and my mind is clear and clean. I no longer wake up in a fog do to my drinking of alcohol the night before. I wake refreshed and bright eyed each and everyday, something I never had while drinking till passing out day after day.

How sad is that, that all of us that are addicted to alcohol can not experience a wonderful and bright day. We have been away from living life sober for so many years and only concentrate on when we will get that drunk on again and what bar we can hit.

I just want to emphasize that any person that has an addiction of any sort there is always light at the end of the tunnel. The biggest thing is that you need to walk away from your demons and head for that bright light waiting for you. The light will not come to you. Walk towards it with the full intention of getting and staying sober for the rest of your life.

It may seem hard for you to walk away from an addiction that has been a huge part of your life, but believe me when you do you will feel like a million bucks and proud that you had the strength and the willpower to say enough is enough, I surrender.

I have to tell you I was very frightened when I surrendered to my addiction to alcohol for the simple reason, I didn't know how my body would react with the absence of alcohol. I didn't let my fear to be sober hold me back because I was 100% ready to be clean and sober and with that in your mind and heart you will indeed find your sobriety and live your life clean and sober.

When you have gone through many months and then years in which for many it will be a struggle to stay away from your demons, but as time goes by it will get easier and easier. Don't give up and go back to your old ways of living and drinking alcohol, it is not worth it and not worth losing your family or in fact your life all do to a avoidable addiction.

Stay strong, believe, stay positive and keep a positive attitude in everything you do in life.

© 2011 Mark Bruno


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