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How To Attract A Potential Date Today

Updated on June 2, 2013


The spring time is here and that means that it's time to find a new spring and/or summer fling. I know, I know... flings aren't all that great. Sometimes they end badly, but sometimes they end up being the perfect one for you. Sometimes flings turn into relationships and loves and possibly marriages. As of late, however, I've discovered that the reason I have never had a fling is because I'm not putting in the right efforts to attract that great guy. He's out there somewhere but if I neglect to make myself more attractive and secure a date with him, I may never get the opportunity. So today, I'm going to be sharing professional tips of becoming more attractive and attracting that date you've been missing out on. Unfortunately for me, I haven't done these things before, but I'm gonna start as soon as I finish writing this.

Features of Attraction

  • Grooming
  • Clothing
  • Posture
  • Attitude
  • Gender


Things To Know Firsthand

These tips and tricks may not work for everyone. There is are many levels of attractiveness. Some of it is superficial while the others may be deeply encoded into you. If you have low self-esteem and that's obvious, a new make-up won't cover that. If you're dealing with timidness, a new pair of loafers won't overshadow the personal stuff. This article is for people who are confident in who they are, have a great personality, but they just haven't been able to spice up their wardrobe or looks enough to truly attract the attention they've been wanting. I'm talking about Plain Joe and his sister, Plain Jane. The two of them are fun-loving people, sweet, funny, just all around awesome. However, they don't put much effort into their maintaining their hygiene or dressing the best to attract their dream date. So firsthand, if you're not yet confident or have the self-esteem to attract your dream guy or gal, don't read any further. Figure out what's holding you back and then come back for a read.

For Men

This portion of this article is dedicated to men who are attempting to make themselves more attractive. In this sense I am going to bring up several easy ways to own your masculinity and show that crush just how awesome you really are. There are ways, that I've become of aware of in the past year, that can help a male become more attractive and get the date he truly wants. The Features of Attraction are Grooming, Clothing, Posture, Attitude, and Gender. Psychology Today says that by improving these things, one can become more attractive and it's simple! But for a guy. How does one alter these things specifically?

Grooming: Grooming is your overall appearance and smell. I can be how your hair is cut, how you smell, and if you're nails are neat and trim. The best advice for this feature is that when you go out make sure you've showered, you're clean shaven, your hair is style and look nice, and of course you have to smell good. I've been advised by friends to try cologne. I'm not big on cologne, but I'm willing to give it a shot. It might actually make me more attractive.

Clothing: If your grooming is important, than surely your clothing must be too. I've learned that what you wear really makes a difference. Men are sometimes infamous for wearing the wrong clothing, especially clothes that don't fit. I've lost a lot of weight recently and discovered that I get more compliments about my appearance when I wear the tighter fitting clothes that I purchased after losing weight. Also it helps to have ironed clothes and well-maintained clothes. Nothing is more attractive than a well-groomed, well-dressed guy.

Posture: Posture is by far one of the first things that people notice about any person. When you're hunched over, it's hard for anyone to see you as an energetic and fit person.

Attitude: An attractive male is positive and smiles often. When you're out and about, smile as often as you can. Laugh when you feel inclined to. The person you're trying to attract is looking your way and observing your nice smile and your positive attitude. Smiling and laughter is seen as sexy by many people. Warm, friendly, positive. Keep that up as much as you can. No one wants to talk to a depressed, non-smiling person. Would you?

Fitness: Psychology today says that fitness should emphasized. It doesn't mean you have to have rock hard abs, but a lack of obesity and low hanging fat. A larger framed person can look fit if his stomach does not bulge and he appears fairly healthy despite his size. Try your best to eat right and exercise once in a while. It could make all the difference in attracting that special someone.

Gender: When I discuss gender here, I mean masculinity. If you are going for a masculine look, work out your chest and shoulders. Those areas tend to exude a feeling of masculinity. Also you can grow facial hair to hide a weak jaw line. Psychology Today suggests goatees, chin-straps, and beards. Remember they must be well maintained.

For Women

Hey ladies. I've been working diligently to find some things that are specific to women and help women become more attractive in the same aspect that men want to be more attractive. I'm going to try my best here. It's a bit strange for me to writing this information, but after long and hard research I've discovered some things that are pertinent to women and can definitely improve woman's chance at attracting the date she wants. Now I discussed Features of Attraction. These things are reiterated for you all and I have some additional things to discuss.

Hair: I am a male so I had to really look these things that make women attractive. Guess what, I've found some awesome tips in my research. One thing a woman might try to get some attention is to maintain her hair as best possible. This means combing and brushing daily and maintaining damaged hair. Also it's great to favor hair styles that accentuate your natural facial features. Does that sound good to you? I'm sure it works. A woman like this will look quite natural.

Make-Up: Men find make-up attractive. However it can be very daunting if a woman is to choose make-up that tends to cover her features more than accentuate their natural complexion. It always helps for a woman to have blemishes covered, face washed and moisturized, as well as protected from the sun. So if you're thinking of make-up, pick some that accentuate you and don't cover up your already beautiful features. Women are just known to have nice skin, show it off!

Personality: If you're adventurous, friendly, and smile often you're likely to attract. Consider all those things when thinking of your own personality. Just as the same as a man, women should be open to smiling and being friendly. Be sincere, maintain eye contact, and empathetic in conversation. Those are aces in the hole. Are you like this already or have you been working towards this? I hope it's the former!

Body Language: Psychology Today has an interesting section on body language. From what I gather from it, these tips can be used for both males and females. Your body language is the perception that people have of you from afar. Having bad body language could mean you're not easily approachable. There are three tips that can be followed. Use more open, animated, and broad gestures, have faster and energetic movements and speech, and convey interest and exciting by learning forward with your posture. I think that all makes sense. If someone leans in to talk to me, I'm not upset. I feel like I'm being spoken to with great sincerity. These are awesome tips for anyone to follow.

Gender: Femininity is attractive just like masculinity. To appear more feminine, focus on eyes and lips. Also having longer hair is seen as a feminine quality. Use red as a color to attract passionate people. It isn't the color of love for nothing. Use it if you dare!

In Conclusion

Now it's spring and it's time to get back out there and find a nice date. I know it seems difficult, but if you follow the advice of the professionals (who I got this information from), you'll be pleasantly surprised to see it all works out well. I think in the long-run it can't hurt anyway. Changing a few things about yourself might be worth the effort if it means extending to you a happy existence. I believe in trying anything once. Even if it doesn't feel comfortable at first, it might work out. Don't worry, if it's not for you you can always stop doing it. The choice is really yours. Thanks for reading and good luck!

P.S.- This wasn't just for you all you know. I have some hopes this season too. ;)

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    • CrazedNovelist profile imageAUTHOR

      A.E. Williams 

      5 years ago from Hampton, GA

      Thank a lot Tom. I appreciate the comment and visit. Yeah things are complicated in that aspect.

    • Thomas Swan profile image

      Thomas Swan 

      5 years ago from New Zealand

      Interesting hub. Sometimes, women go for the unkempt, rugged look too, so it's certainly complicated.


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