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How To Attract Your Dream Guy Naturally

Updated on April 21, 2012

Make Him Propose For Marriage

How To Attract A Potential Husband

Do you want to attract that your dream man into your life? Do you want to win the heart of men? Do you want men with marriage potentials to come running after you? Or are you tired of being single for the fact that no reasonable men are coming to ask you for a date? Then search no further because you have come to the right place. Now, haven’t you wondered why some ladies; pretty, well-behaved and in fact with all the good feminine qualities you can think of, still single and searching frustratingly? Haven’t you wondered why some ladies everyone considers as ugly are getting married to the best men in the world? The answer to those questions will soon be revealed to you in this very article, so sit back, adjust your reading glasses and read on.

Uncountable number of ladies are out there crying and weeping all night, simply because they are unable to find true love, or let me say, unable to find a man to make them feel like a woman. Remember, it’s not necessarily because they are physically ugly or ill-mannered, nope, but because of certain factors they must have ignored knowingly or unknowingly.

My adventure into relationship counseling have exposed me to meeting lots of people from diverse socio-cultural background, especially the single guys and ladies, and I have also learned a lot from meeting with these single folks, which I would like to share with you freely for your own good.

I am writing this article basically for my fans that had been bombarding me with messages, requesting for my suggestions on how to meet or attract a potential husband. This article will also be of immense help to other readers who are looking for a way to attract a deserving man into their life.

Why Are Some Ladies Still Single & Searching?

Some single ladies out there would tell you that they are yet to meet a man with the qualities they desire in their dream man, but that’s a total fallacy, why? Firstly, you as a lady is not supposed to be the hunter, that’s how nature made it; it’s a man’s responsibility to hunt for you and then you filter and make your choice. I know very well that this might not sound conventional to many people reading this because modern culture and norms have reversed the case in most countries, but I still maintain my stand that you as a lady should allow the men to make the move, to put yourself on the safer side, so you don’t look desperate or being seen as a desperate chick. But remember again, the above reason is not the reason why some ladies are single and searching, so what then are the reasons?

You are not approachable: yes, you heard me right, you’re not approachable girl! What do I mean by you not being approachable? Remember, it’s not about physical beauty, it’s not about your dressing or class, nope, but it’s because you don’t SMILE! Come on girl, you need to smile, lighten up your face, stop frowning all the time, it repels men off! During my introductory messages, I warned you not to do the hunting, but you need to give men some green-light signal to spark off their chase. For instance, when a man glances at you, and you don’t smile back, he assumes by default that this girl is a “don’t even think about it” type, that’s why you have to give out some good smiles always.

Stop Hanging Out In Group: Yes, in as much as you love your friends, you must also learn to be alone and live your own life away from your female friends. This is another reason why you might be unapproachable; always surrounded by your girlfriends, NO GIRL! It’s so annoying to discover that some grown up women don’t know how to be alone. Do you know that if you’re always with your girlfriends, it will be very difficult for a decent man to walk up to you? It takes a man with lots of courage, ego, female-experiences and boldness to approaches a strange girl he admires in midst of her girlfriends. Try going to the movies alone, jogging, walk, cycling, etc and see what happens…

Lack of Direction and Goal

When you approach some single ladies, you will be amazed to discover that they have no goal or purpose for desiring to be in a relationship or date; they just want to have a date because every girl they know is having a date or because they need a man to be giving them money and material things. And this also extends to marriage- majority of ladies don’t know exactly why they want to get married. Most want to get married because all their friends and sisters are getting married, or just to have a feel of what it feels like being a married lady, and nothing more. You must figure out your life’s purpose in life before you can succeed in anything, including in relationship and marriage. Yup! I always tell people that “before you ask someone to go on a journey with you, you yourself ought to know where you’re going,” that way, you won’t be misled by any person called ‘man’. In this regard, the journey you want to embark on is a journey of relationship or marriage. Therefore, you must know where it is you want to go in life before you take someone along, or before you agree to embark on a journey with someone. Remember, we are growing everyday so you won’t have it all figured out before you pursue a relationship, but at least you ought to know in which direction you’re headed and that will make it easier for you to decide who to go with on the journey you want to embark on.

You Refuse To Make New Friends: Remember, you aren’t an island, so you must loosen up yourself and develop a good social life. The reason for your being single might be that you are not meeting new people. It’s quite disheartening to know that most single ladies have made their life routine so rigid that their social circles have stayed the same for almost their entire lifetime! They only go to work, gym, Church, and maybe one or two places, and they are back home, and that’s it from generation to generation. If that’s your routine, then you ought not to be surprised that you haven’t found a man that meets your desire! Remember what a philosopher said, “madness is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result” I’m not saying you’re mad, but maybe it’s time for you to change things up a little bit to achieve your goal. How? You may ask. Well, by changing up where you go and then going out with a variety of friends, instead of sticking to those your old friends.

Try having a diverse pool of friends and hang out with different groups, and watch out the outcome. If you try this, you would be amazed with the outcome. Networking is very vital in life; be it in business or in politics, networking has always proven productive, so give it a try. Follow up on business contacts. Tap into all your affiliations not just because you want a romantic relationship but also because you want richer friendships and a richer life.

The Guys Around You Are Not Ready: I have heard some single ladies complain that the guys around them are straight up not ready for anything serious! Yep, that might be true, but still you need to do something! I know for sure that some girls got it going on- they’re beautiful, hardworking, friendly, fun, etc, but the dudes around them are either super blind, intimidated (in which case it’s okay but you also need to reconsider your outlook and lifestyle), or they’re not your type. So, what do you do in this case? Hmmm, you could try the tips #3 and see how that goes or you can cut down on your exorbitant lifestyle to attract decent men.

You Are Being Unrealistic: I have also noticed that majority of the single ladies still searching are being unrealistic with what is obtainable in real life. Some merge movie and literally world with real life- a big mistake most do make and end up in the wrong hands. Yes, in as much as I believe that everyone should have non-negotiable priorities when it comes to the qualities his or her would-be relationship partner must have to qualify for a relationship with him/her, but I also noticed that most times our expectations can be too unrealistic, which leads many to being singles for life or ending up with the wrong partners. I always tell people that the major problem we humans have in life is that we put too much pressure on other human beings to be perfect, when we ourselves are not perfect. Generally in life, we (guys and ladies) really shouldn’t expect more from others than we are ourselves. For every relationship or marriage to succeed and last happily, each partner should be willing to give out more than he/she expects, else, we may end up being frustrated with our partner.

Yes, out of the now glaring unpredictable harsh global economy, a lot of women are now searching for oak trees (ready-made, or let me say, ‘already established men’) when they should be looking for acorns (men with potential). I know a lot of women especially after they approach a certain age in life, don’t want to date or be with “potential” guy anymore, but we forgot that there are certain potentials in men that only a woman can bring out. Haven’t you noticed that when a man gets married, shortly after he does that, a certain beauty and greatness starts to emanate from him? It’s the woman that’s bringing out that glory in him, and in fact, some women can bring out the hidden or latent best in a man. So, ladies, don’t be afraid of dating or being with potentials anymore. Just try to figure out the kind of potential you are comfortable with and settle down with him and watch out!

I shall be leaving you guys here for now, meanwhile, we shall continue the discussion soonest, and please don’t hold back your feedbacks, they motivate me to do more. Good luck ladies, and meet you at the top!


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