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Just Be You

Updated on August 30, 2016

People must follow certain rules, such as crossing the road on the walking light only. However, with that being said, I do not follow the silly rules certain social groups make up for us regarding having to drive a car, the stress of getting married, and many other things. You may think that is controversial, but more and more I say flaunt your way of being, and be an original baby! Who cares what others think when at the end of the day are the one who must live with the life decisions, and most likely you will not be very enthused about doing things a certain way just because "society deems it so".

Do things your own way.
Do things your own way.

Flaunt Not Driving

People used to lament the fact I did not drive and acted as if my life was not as great as other people's lives just because of it. They always implored that I could get my license, and how driving would make my life so much better. Driving gives me the willies, and I stopped learning how to drive when I just realized it is not necessary for getting around. I can get to any location that a driver can, but I simply have to be more creative. I plan my routes well out in advance and take public transportation for longer trips. In town, I am heavily a pedestrian because who needs to go to the gym when you walk everywhere. I bought a really nice pair of walking shoes, and I probably love these more than I could ever love a car. Also, I have started biking, and you can get to many places pretty quickly on a bicycle.

Flaunt Being Single

So many people have lamented over the years I am single, but when I think about it, I pretty much have always been anyway. I had two relationships and dated various people, but compared to most people I know I have never been in a real relationship. To me, a real relationship is where you actually spend quality time with the person and they care about you, but nope, that has never been something I had. Maybe some day, but I am not banking my happiness or future on having a relationship. The dating scene is so not me, so I never go out of my way to meet someone that way. If it is going to happen it will happen, and the best couple always seems to have met when they were not looking.

I love being single, and I even had to laugh at the comment some guy left on my hub about how being single at Christmas is pathetic. Who cares what that guy thinks anyway, and I highly doubt any relationship could be as fulfilling as spending time with my family. Besides, anyone judging you for being single around the holidays might end up divorced a couple of years from, and I have seen that happen many times. Besides, comments about how a single person needs to find a relationship are more about the person blabbering on than you, so never feel pressured to date just because people are telling you to do this.

Flaunt Not Dressing Like The Masses

Yes, I do wear pants in the winter, but I will wear skirts any and every day I feel like it. In the past, and especially growing up, I always used to have people complaining that I was dressed up, but why did they care anyway? I do not feel like wearing jeans and a t-shirt, and how is it effecting you anyhow? I wear what I like, and really do not care if it is in style or not. I do not have to buy a five hundred dollar skirt, or a three hundred dollar pair of designer jeans to know I look presentable. I flout certain rules about fashion and create my own along the way. Certain rules are good such as throwing your trash in the waste bin and wearing a seat belt, but the truth is: I am way too much of an individual to follow preconceived notions about how people are supposed to live and travel.


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