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How To Be The Perfect Man

Updated on August 31, 2012

We all know the saying: Do not judge the book by the cover. Well, this is correct and we have nothing to do as to agree with this but the first impression really matters and later it will be more harder to change it. So, there are some steps to take into consideration not to spoil that first impression and of course to have a nice relationship later.

First of all, the girls pay attention to the face. Therefore:

  • Try to keep your face clean with as little as possible acne (wash as often as it needed and every time clean the skin with special cleansing lotion. Before going to bed it is desirable to use a cream that cleanses the skin of blackheads and open pores).
  • If you shave, shave at least once every two days. And if you see your girl every day (and especially if you kiss her), then do it every day! And do not forget the aftershave. This will help avoid skin irritation.
  • Brush your teeth more often. And not only when you go to the club where they will be lighted by ultraviolet light. When cleaning them, pay more attention to the inner part, because there are often more plaque than in the front.
  • Carry with you a packet of chewing gum or breathe freshener, just in case.
  • Clean the ears with special cotton wool sticks.

Now more detail about hair. Girls always pay attention to those guys who give something to stand out from the crowds. But you do not need to have a punk hair cut, or shave your head! It's enough to keep your hair clean: wash, do not allow the appearance of dandruff, etc.

But it's better if you have some original hairstyle. As for the hairstyle, then there has to choose something to your discretion.

Well, now something about sunglasses. In the summer without them, of course, you can’t go anywhere - you should keep them with you all the time. But when you communicate with a girl it is better to take them off, because for a girl is important to see your eyes.

Secondly, the girls pay attention to the exterior in general:

  • Always wear only clean clothes. Better when you match two colors, but no more than three. If you wear jeans, then buy a nice belt for them.
  • Carry handkerchiefs with you: in case you need to brush the dust from the shoes.
  • Wear sexy underwear; first of all it should be comfortable for, and secondly attractive.
  • Always use cologne or after shave. Also, do not forget there are also special deodorants for feet.
  • Look after your nails. Girls do not like groomed, tethered cropped nails, and especially - the dirt under them. It is best to trim them right after a bath when they become milder.
  • Try not to play too much with your pets (in case you have some), in order to avoid to be scratched and bitten.
  • If you still do not have a watch, buy it.
  • Every day, change the socks and underwear. By the way, try to match the socks with the color of your clothes.
  • Try to tie the laces on your shoes in advance in case they exist.

Thirdly, Figure. Yes, girls just like guys, pay attention to the body shape. Therefore:

  • Start going to the gym. For a guy is generally a mandatory thing.
  • If you are too thin, then eat a little bit more.
  • When you workout in the gym, put more emphasis on chest and press, and then on all the rest.
  • Girl consider man butt one of the sexiest parts of a man. Therefore, it is also necessary to pay attention to that as well.

Fourthly, The manners and intellect:

  • Girls love intelligent and interesting guys;
  • Be brave and able to protect your girlfriend at any time;
  • Be honest with the girl, because this is the basis of a strong relationship.
  • Be polite and well mannered. Well, for example: always open the door to the girl, offering her the chair in a restaurant, help to carry heavy things, etc.;
  • Try to be more sociable;
  • Try not to change or re-educate her;
  • Do not forget to give her flowers at least from time to time, especially roses. They like them a lot.
  • Girls like to be showered with nice compliments, but it is better to do it with much attention, not to overdo that.
  • Always say what you think, and do not hide your feelings. Girls are usually shyer than guys, so in many situations you should take the initiative.
  • Generally it will be great if know how to cook well. So, while you have some time, read the recipes and experiment. It will help you to organize a romantic dinner later.
  • Do not forget about telephone contacts. Do not isolate yourself from the world; try to maintain friendly relations with all, because it affects your reputation in society.
  • If the girl does not want something, then do not need to insist. Respect the wishes of each other;
  •  It’s great if you have a nice sense of humor. Girls love that.
  • Know how to listen to the girl. Very often she simply need that, to feel protected and care of;
  • Come to the date for 10 minutes before. Usually it is ok if a girl is late, not a guy;
  •  Do not go dull, even if you have a bad mood.

Well, hope I coved all the aspects.

If you have more to add I will be happy to listen to (to read)...


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    • nikipa profile image

      nikipa 7 years ago from Eastern Europe

      Epigramman, I am so happy my hubs make you feel like that!

      Men's comments here are so appropriate. I really need your opinion in order to make the relationship between man and woman to be as perfect as it can be.

      Thank you for your nice comment!


    • epigramman profile image

      epigramman 7 years ago

      ..well I feel pretty perfect when I get the chance to read your hubs - and know the luxury!