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How To Buy A Man's Bra

Updated on October 16, 2009

When buying a bra for a man, one has to keep in mind different things than if one were buying a bra for a woman. This article will be aimed at men who wear bras for fun rather than out of need, as men who need bras to support chest/breast tissue will find that their needs are similar to most women's.

It's All About Style

Style is incredibly important for men who wear bras. Any bra bought for a male bra enthusiast should have some stylish point of difference. Lace cups, mesh cups, interesting trims, bright colors, they're all in when we're talking about men's lingerie. Most men who wear bras do it because they like the look, they like to feel feminine, or both. Bra styles that exaggerate femininity are therefore perfect for men.

This means looking for bras with nice feminine thin straps (not having to actually support breasts means that mens bras can be as flimsy as you like), pretty colors (pink and red are both favorites, the former because it is so very girly, the latter because it has connotations of all sorts of high powered femininity.)

Padding Is A Possibility

Most men will be a double or triple A cup. If they want 'cleavage', then padded bras will definitely help on that score. A man who hasn't worn a padded bra before might be surprised at just how much lift he gets with some well placed but unobtrusive, padding.

Pick up A Lingerie Bag

If he hasn't worn a bra before, or if he doesn't wash his bras by hand, buy him a lingerie bag at the same time. That way he can stash his brassieres safely inside it, toss them into the washing machine on the delicate cycle and have a clean, wearable bra at the other end of the process, rather than a mangled mass of lace and twisted clasps (yes, I speak from experience.)

Listen To Him

Finally, but probably most important, listen to him. He will probably drop not very subtle hints about what kind of bras he likes. Listen to those hints and shop accordingly. If he is drooling over some black mesh creation, don't go and buy him a pink padded bra just because I said so. Not only will he appreciate the gift on a level of loving how it looks and feels, he will love the fact that you paid attention to what he wanted. Ladies, we aren't the only ones who appreciate thoughtful gifts from time to time.


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    • profile image

      MrDonald 8 years ago

      Bobbie, to me it sounds like 1 of 2 things. Either you need a larger band size on your bra and/or you need a bra where the band is wider. That has been my experience with the bras I wear. As Hope mentioned to another poster, you can always try a bra extender...that is assuming you are wearing back close bras.

      My everyday bra, a Warners Shine-On soft cup, tends to do that from time to time. A bra extender works well for me when it becomes a problem. Now my fancier bras, a Warners Satin Tuxedo convertible bra and a Warners Be Flirty underwire, have wider band straps and as a result, they almost never roll over. So give a different bra style a try as well. That may solve your problem.

    • profile image

      Mike 8 years ago

      I wear bras out of necessity. I have d cups.

    • bobbie57 profile image

      bobbie57 8 years ago

      love your hubs how do i keep the sides of bra from rolling up? i were bra's and panties ever day

    • Hope Alexander profile image

      Hope Alexander 8 years ago

      You don't. You buy the largest AA you can find and use bra extenders. Or, you get some bras from a site like XDress :)

      Let me know when you get your bra stock in! I'd love to profile them!

    • profile image

      PantiesForMen 8 years ago

      We're hoping to carry bras for men soon at my site. I myself tried one a few weeks ago. A satin one that did WONDERFUL things to my

      But....where does one find a 42AA bra? Or ANY bra size AA to B in 42 or more?

    • profile image

      supersteve 8 years ago

      i love to wear bras because they make me feel so femine and girly lacey bras are best