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How To Decide On Wedding Transportation

Updated on August 9, 2010

How To Decide On Wedding Transportation

So the big day is coming up and you have yet to figure out what to do about wedding transportation. This is one aspect of a wedding that often gets overlooked but which is truly quite important to the wedding itself. Often couples forget about planning their wedding transportation which is unfortunate because it’s one of the most integral parts of the wedding. There are various different types of wedding transportation available, and it’s important to choose that which is going to make your special day just perfect.

Limos are the first choice as wedding transportation for most couples on their wedding day. A lot of people opt for a limo because they feel that it’s more traditional, while others just want to feel like a star on their big day. You certainly will, what with the champagne, music, lights and spacious room for all your friends and family to sit comfortably. However, they are large so you can fit more people in them than you could in a regular vehicle.

A lot of people think that limos are the traditional wedding transportation but this isn’t true. Limos are a lot of fun but in fact the most traditional form of wedding transportation one could choose is the horse drawn carriage. This is how people in the olden days used to get to their weddings and really is quite romantic. Especially for brides who dream of that princess wedding, this form of wedding transportation is ideal.

A lot of brides want to feel like a fairytale princess on their wedding day, and nothing helps set that off more than a horse drawn carriage ride. It will be one of the most romantic days of your lives when you come riding up to your wedding setup with all your friends and family members watching in awe. Vintage cars are quickly gaining in popularity as a form of wedding transportation. As a couple you may have a shared love for a particular make and model of classic car, or you could leave it up to the hubby to decide on his dream car that he’d love to show up in on your wedding day.

There are so many different styles of wedding transportation available to choose from. It’s important that every couple take time to truly evaluate their options and be sure of what they want. Just make sure that you consider all your options and choose wedding transportation that’s suitable to the style of wedding as well as your own personal taste. This is your special day and you want it to be just perfect.


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