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How To Divorce Advice for Your Abundant Future

Updated on June 2, 2017

The new single life!

Never fear. there is life after divorce. Sound divorce advice for a greater future
Never fear. there is life after divorce. Sound divorce advice for a greater future | Source

Live Your Life Worthy of a Biography

In my early years, I picked up a book on Buddhism that opened my eyes to the concept of Impermanence. The lessons inside this amazing book changed my outlook on life.

Everything is in flux. Everything is constantly changing form. relationships change, we begin to want different things. We want to hold on to so many moments but they just inevitably go.

For all that you are, it is important to understand that you live once. Just once. Let us imagine that you reincarnate. Can you remember your past lives? Do you know anybody who can? the answer is a resounding NO.

However, you CAN read the stories of histories most prolific people who will inspire you in many ways. and these people are not always famous or wealthy. They may have lived poor but well-traveled. They may have been a fantastic parent or strong builder.

Whoever these people are, they have lived inspiring lives, worth of a biography. And this is what I personally set out to do.

Throughout your life, you will fall in love, be thrown off your path, be rattled, betrayed, become lost in the void, question your your choices and debate your future options, but if you choose to live a life worthy of a biography and you base your decisions around that mindset, so many new opportunities will come to you.

Are you meant to be with the one person your entire life? I am not so sure. I would love to believe that there is one person out there who would take me to great heights. but some of my greatest accomplishments were made as a single man.

I have aspired to be somebody worthy of a great woman's love. But what if I find that for all I am and for all of my life;s achievements, I fail to find a woman who wants the same things? Do I compromise myself? Do I live that quiet life and 'settle down'?

As people in the modern world begin to navigate how to divorce themselves from old, traditional thinking. I believe that there will be some great stories to be told. And with the advent of the Internet, the ease of publishing and the cheapness of creating high end video, as well as the free way to get it out there, you will see that you CAN live that life and you CAN inspire others to read all about you.

Teach English Abroad After Your Divorce

I wanted lay down a great option for you that too few people consider after a divorce. And it comes with a short story.

My history is in the media. I was once a well known radio personality, using a nickname. So nobody knew my real name on the radio. Yet, when I went out and hosted a radio event, I was very popular indeed. I was given many social options that every day people would be envious of. Behind the microphone I was quite extroverted because people couldn't see me, and even more importantly, i couldn't seem them look at me.

I was the first of my friends to move out of home and i moved across the country, from town to down, building my radio career. At times it was a little lonely. Yet, as a single guy, nothing held me back. I had no home obligations such as a girlfriend or wife. And yes, I did have girlfriends along the way, but when it came to moving to a bigger radio station, it seems they just could not come.

Speaking to my old friends, they were busy buying homes and 'settling down'.

I, on the other hand was building my dream. When I FINALLY decided to settle down, I landed a great job, helping to open a brand new radio station right on a beach side town, where I had always dreamed of living.

When I finally left my radio career behind, inspired by entrepreneurs who were making great money by creating amazing ideas, I had lived the great adventure of seeing my country. I had seen it all. I had traveled across the vast expanse and connected with so many people. My many friends though, had not, and have STILL not, to this day.

So my job allowed me to travel and see things I never would have seen if not for working.

Most people work a job and save, save, save to see Europe, Asia or the America's just once in their life.

Others though, have cracked the code on travel. They have taken the chance and have searched for work abroad. And the most effective way to do it is to teach English abroad.

Now, fast forward to today and many of my friends, male and female, either seem very unhappy or are now divorced and lost as to what to do. Not all. just a good percentage.

Life after divorce is not tragic. It can in fact, be a dream. Living abroad is a great road to an amazing life and YES you can bring children.

The first place to go to research, is of course a search engine. Look up a TESL course. This is a globally recognized certificate that will allow you to apply for work in each different country.

TIP: Try to avoid studying your TSL online. It can prove difficult to find work. Choose the first country you wish to work in and do your course there. They will assist you to get work. In fact, their reputation depends on it, so they have a vested interest in helping you.

When you must split all of those assets at your divorce settlement and you don't know where to go, some great divorce advice is to get your life abroad. Explore the options. You will be happily surprised!

It Takes Major Guts To Jump Into the Void

I will be honest, I have often questioned my future. I shouldn't show weakness. It is ok to be vulnerable, yes, but taking risks is what life is about.

By playing it safe, you fail to learn. You fail to understand temptation, self-control, morality, stronger values, true love, loyalty and the greater world around you.

I believe that most of us are off our path in life. I see this by all of the 'generally unhappy' people I see every day. It is all mediocre. Such a small percentage of people are doing anything worthy. That small percent are changing the world in good and bad ways. But imagine if you were actively excited with life and pursuing what YOU were good at, and loved doing, as opposed to whatever it is you do now?

For me, I am passionate about many things. I love learning languages. I spend time each week listening to several language programs. I have also written 3 books and have had them all published in iTunes, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and many other places. I am working a fourth book, which I am would love to see break some records.

I take no excuses at the gym and train 5 days a week, sometimes 6. I have fitness goals and so I force myself to stick to an eating plan to ensure success.

I try to do 1% better each day. Just 1%. But multiply this by 100 days and it gives mastery in an area of life I wish to master.

Don't be afraid to go for it.

Jump in!

Floating in the Clear Void of Life

Some people bury themselves in alcohol in a divorce. This is NOT how to divorce. Do it in style. Take control!
Some people bury themselves in alcohol in a divorce. This is NOT how to divorce. Do it in style. Take control! | Source

Don't Float There Forever. Hold Onto Something!

After a divorce and definitely at many points in our lives, as we begin to desperately want change in our careers or living conditions, we float on the ocean on uncertainty. we worry what others will think of us.

We worry that if we leave our way of live that we will have nothing to come back to.

We worry that all we have and all we have done will all be for nothing.

It is not true. If you write your life story, it will all be worth something in the end.

You will NEED to work on a skill you can take anywhere. You NEED to ensure some form passive income stream for the long term. You NEED to have some financial certainty into your old age.

But you also NEED to understand that at any moment your life could be taken away from you, whether by disease or a sudden tragedy. So balance you decisions between having at least some certainty within yourself, and knowing that nothing is certain in life.

Don't float in uncertainty forever. you must decide at some point. You must choose a path one day and then follow it to your next life adventure.

These things all of us question, whether during life after divorce or just before marriage or right at the point where we just cannot take our situation any longer.

Remember this though, just when you believe all is lost, life has a way of helping you to believe in love and hope again.

Impermanence and How To Divorce From Your Old Self


The Coolest SIngle Life Movies That Rope You Back Into a Relationship

Knocked Up
40 Year Old Virgin
All Wifed Out
Ghosts of Girlfriends Past
The Ladies Man
He's Just Not That Into You
Bridget Jone's Diary
Eat, Pray, Love

Wanting to Live Abroad?

Living Abroad is a GREAT Adventure

Many people recommend begin teaching English in Asia.

This might be great for at least 8 months of the year. But then, there is the monsoon season.

So, how is this for an idea?? When monsoon comes, teach English throughout Europe! Perhaps you will find new love abroad! What an amazing concept.

One life to live!

You May Have Children But you Must Live YOUR Life

For those who have children, many people envy you.

There are many people who regret never having even just one child. A child is your genetic legacy. It is your investment that you will be taken care of of your old age.

For the feminists and the "Men Going Their Own Way" movements who espouse living single, that you need nobody, personally I think that is a VERY lonely way to live.

There can be nothing greater than unconditional love and we find this in our children and they find it in us.

However, don't believe that your marriage is unconditional. Divorce is easy and people are quick to run from their problems in life. They always believe there is something greater out there for them. And once they realise that maybe life is not so great, it is too late and those bridges are burned.

For you though, as a father or mother, you may feel envious of those people with zero obligations to children. And some of these people are envious of you.

You see, you can still live for yourself, even though you have obligations to your children. It only means you need to work harder at your financial gains. That is all. The rest is all just about love.

Kids remember the time you spend with them, not the things you buy for them. So just ensure your time with them is quality time and the rest of us will just envy you even more.

Life is lonely when you are single and you want to shut out the rest of the world. The older you get, the lonelier you get, unless you have children. When you are without children, you will one day be without unconditional love.

And if you wish to travel, buy an extra plane ticket. It may cost a little more, but world travel is totally possible with kids.

Life For Yourself

Remember to care for others, but your life is YOUR life
Remember to care for others, but your life is YOUR life

SIngle Life Does Not Mean NO Relationships. But You CAN Live FOr a Greater Purpose

Chis Rock's Take On Marriage with Nelson Mandela. Very Funny


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