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Finding A Mate - Trusting God's Way (How To Find The Wife God Has For You)

Updated on August 22, 2013

God Is Interested In Your Romantic Life

Marriage has always been part of God's plan. From the beginning He has said, "It's not good for man to be alone..." - why are you worried about being the exception to that?

Relax. Trusting that God wants to bring you your mate is the first step on this path. When you know that God's not forcing you into permanent celibacy, it's easier to wait for Him to bring you your mate!

Isaac - The Perfect Role Model

Isaac married his dream girl! Rebekah was an incredible woman!

Isaac's father, Abraham, sent a servant back to his old country to find a wife for him. The servant arrived and immediately found this beautiful woman named Rebekah. Through God's grace and her obedience, the servant brought her back to Isaac.

While Isaac was in Beer-Lahai-Roi (long name, but important later), he was out in the field praying and meditating. When he looked up he saw his father's servant coming to meet him, with the most beautiful woman he had ever seen!

There is a lot more to the story, so you should read Genesis 24 to get the whole picture. Isaac and Rebekah were married that same day!

There are lessons that Christian singles can learn from Isaac:

1, Don't Go Looking!

I know how much you want this, but you aren't going to help anything by looking for a mate yourself!

Isaac stayed where he was, even though there were no potential wives for him there! In the same way, never leave one church for another because of the amount of available singles! That isn't what church is about, and you know it!

Learn from Isaac and Rebekah! Isaac's father sent for his wife! Our father is more than willing to do the same thing for us, if we trust Him!

Relax, stay put, and don't get antsy!

2. Stay In Beer Lahai Roi

I know this doesn't make sense at first, but listen to what the name "Beer Lahai Roi" means. It means "Place of the One Who sees me!"

If you're going to relax and trust God for your mate, then you're going to have to realize that God hasn't forgotten about you! He sees you, my friend - and He still says that you shouldn't be alone. Trust in what He's working out for you!

3. Focus on Serving God

Don't spend all of your attention seeking a spouse. Seek God!

Isaac was meditating, seeking God's face, when he looked up and saw his wife coming to him! That's where you need to be - serving God with a passion!

His promise is, "Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you!"

The youth pastor at my church tells teen guys, "Run after God. If, while you're running, you look over and see a woman running beside you; take a second look!"

As believer's, God's kingdom should be our top priority, whether we're married or single!

Get In This Limo, Girl!

4. Be Patient

There's one more thing that you can do. Relax.

Which is better? To get married at 40, and be happy together until you die? Or to jump the gun, marry someone at 20, have nothing but problems, and then have to pay alimony and child support?

It would be better for you to wait until God brings you your mate.

Marriage should be a one-time thing - so it's ok to wait for what God wants!


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    • profile image

      Brad 2 years ago

      What if you never get a wife and always wanted one, and you are 60 years old, tired of waiting, and doing all you can getting no results?