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Room Accent: Tall Glass Vase

Updated on February 10, 2015

Finding a great tall wedding vase begins when you know that it is you that makes it great. Tall wedding vases as romantic décor or wedding table settings will add the perfect touch to add elegance and sophistication to any room,wedding or special event.It is the accessories that add the finishing touches that make them great.

These wonderful additions can be bought at minimal cost depending on where you shop. You can pay top dollars for already designed vases or create your own designs and spend pennies on the dollar.

Finding Your Tall Glass Vase

  • discount dollar stores
  • wholesale stores

I think the most beautiful vases are the tall clear glass vases in all shapes. With these you can be the most creative because they can be changed when your creative mind does.

There are discounts stores all over you can chose from that you can get your tall vases. You can get various shapes, colors and sizes to pull the perfect design together. Vases come in all shapes and sizes but the simple ones can be easily decorated and changed when your mood does.

Floor Vase Types

  • cylindrical
  • square
  • glass
  • acrylic
  • ceramic
  • sterling silver
  • metal
  • copper

Tall Glass Vase Ideas

There are plenty of places to put your beautiful tall vase décor. Look at décor magazines for inspiration or your favorite cable design show. Here are some examples of how you can use your tall wedding vases in your home or event.

  • In your bathroom with potpourri
  • In your foyer (home entrance)
  • Kitchen counter top (filled with lemons or limes)
  • Table center pieces.
  • On the floor by fireplaces, furniture,or in corners.

You can use several sizes to compliment the design. You will want to get a 3foot vase to make a major statement by a piano or in your living room. The choice is yours. Tall wedding vases in your wedding reception tables add an extraordinary elegance, but be sure to use the thinner ones so your guest can still see each other while the flowers show off their beauty above.

Tall Glass Vase Accessories

  • Tall stem dry flowers
  • Fruit
  • m&m's
  • jelly beans
  • colored pebbles
  • Potpourri
  • tall dried grass
  • dry branches
  • lace and white lights

Changing the way a room looks does not have to cost you a fortune. You can add very exotic designs to any room and make it look like a million dollars. You can make any room more inviting by adding creative designs made to fit perfectly. If you are not so creative you may want to add a splash of color to make any room pop!

Using your tall glass vases to add a splash of color will make your room memorable and stand out. You can use different sizes to make your design unique. In children's rooms or in their bathroom you can add a splash of color with acrylic or plastic vases. They can be fill with tub toys to keep order and it's fun to look at!

The sky is the limit with tall glass vases. You will never have a dull room again.So after your great event bring these babies home and create a look others will be jealous off. Get some tall glass vases and accessories today to get started.


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