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How To Find Real Friends

Updated on May 19, 2009

People wnat to met you!

 For people who are "lonely" the first thing to figure out is if you really want to meet other people.  If you cannot look in the mirror and be honest with yourself about if you want to met new people or not then you are wasting you time.  The desire must be there before action may be take.  People could offer all the advice in the world but if the "lonely" person has not true desires to meet new people then they might as well stay "lonely" or "a lone" because that is a choice.

If people want to meet other people ther are so many social clubs, religious institutions, academic institutions, public meeting areas etc.  If you want to meet a random person on your own, then you need to have courage to strike up a conversation.  Find something that is true about the person that you cold compliment them about.  Some thing simple like their smile, it may seem a bit lame but it our are sincere and that person is open for conversation it will work.  Then ask their name and keep the conversation flowing. 

If you are trying to find friends and possible significant others then you need to know what you like and what you d not want to tolerate.  Make a list and write out the activities that you either like of would like to try and then go to those place where other people perform those activities, there is the link that will connect the two of you. 

If you are "lonely" in a world of seven billion people and you have access to technology, then that may be your nature.  My suggestion would be to have you one friend who ask the question to spark this hub, to introduce you to other people,  get to know them and then explain to them that you have difficulties meeting people and maybe they will introduce you to other new people. 

If it is a romantic partner then you have to look at what kind of people you want to attract, and how you are working on yourself to attract that "special some one".  Have a small get together and invite family and have them invite other people that you do not know.  Find friends from the past online and reconnect. 

People will want to get to know you as long as you show the same respect.  There are some many people to go and meet, ultimately you have to get moving, that is what I would tell my friend. 


Hope this hub helps.

Best wishes

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    • rachaelc profile image

      rachaelc 8 years ago from Austin

      Good tips! It seems many times "lonely" people are really shy people. True compliments are always a great way to break the ice and start a conversation. Nice Hub.