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How To Get A Divorce In Ukraine Saving Money And Time?

Updated on March 7, 2016

Marriage dissolution is a highly complicated procedure, which often turns out to be extremely stressful for both spouses. On the paper the divorce proceedings seem to be simple and clear, however when both parties claim their rights to the property and children, the case usually becomes too complex to settle without the help of a professional lawyer with broad expertise in divorce procedure. So how to obtain a divorce in Ukraine without having to bear additional costs of the trial and waiting for the finalization of the divorce for long months?

Mutual agreement or court?

The best solution for both spouses, who want to settle the matter quickly and with no additional costs is to come to a mutual agreement. If there is such an agreement the case does not have to be presented in court and the spouses can obtain the divorce from the Civil Registry Office. These rules, however, do not apply to married couples with children or to any case, where one of the spouses apply for a division of joint property. These situations require specific approach and good understanding of the Ukrainian law. If you cannot receive the divorce through mutual agreement you have to prepare for a long battle, which sometimes does not end the way you would want it to end. To simplify the process, increase your chances for success and complete the procedure in much shorter time you will need a help of a professional divorce attorney.

Why do you need an attorney?

Many people think that hiring divorce attorney will only increase the costs of obtaining divorce in Ukraine, but it is in fact the opposite: the divorce attorney is the best guarantor of your interests and through good understanding of how the court operates, the attorney will be able to organize the proceedings and reduce the time you need to spend in court, making the divorce proceeding much shorter. This solution allows you to focus on your job and even leave the country to attend your business if its needed, instead of constantly monitoring your divorce case. If you and your spouse cannot come to an agreement regarding your valuable properties, hiring the divorce attorney is the best you can do to secure your rights to the property.

Does it worth it?

But what if your spouse’s and yours joint property is not particularly valuable and your finances do not allow you to hire an attorney? Many law companies offer consultations, during which the attorney suggests the strategy you should follow and draws up a divorce suit, however this type of service does not require any other form of assistance, which means that you have to personally attend all hearings and present your case to the court. This option requires not only the perfect knowledge of the Ukrainian language, but also a good knowledge of Ukrainian law and most of all – a lot of free time. Therefore, saving money on attorney can cost you more time and effort than the less problematic, but more costly option. Not to mention emotional side – does it worth it?


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