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How To Get Back Your Lover After You Got Caught Cheating

Updated on August 31, 2018
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Clive Williams is an internet researcher and writer on many genres. He has a BSc. Degree in Information Systems.

get away with cheating
get away with cheating

I assume the reasons why you are here reading this article is because you have cheated, gotten caught and your lover is done with you and you are trying desperately to get back in the sack. Or you think you are going to cheat but you want a head start into finding out what to do if you get caught right? Or maybe you are just curious about the title and really want to see what the heck the author is going to say. Well, whichever way, you are here and I am glad. Now, let's get into the meat of the matter, cheating.

Cheating in a relationship is never a good thing, it can lead to a lot of bad things, sometimes even death. It is wrong to be committed to someone emotionally and physically and yet seeking love and affection elsewhere. This can cause devastating effects on the person being cheated on. And I always tell people this, what you hate for yourself, hate it for others too. Meaning, if you would hate to be cheated on, don't cheat on anyone because they would hate it too. Now if the hen has already left the coop and you find yourself in a cheating pickle. Here are some best practices to do to get out of that cheating pickle.

1. I Don't Know What Happened

If your lover comes home and catches you in bed with someone else. Never act frightened of panicky. Always act as though you have no idea what the heck is going on. If your lover kicks open the door and catches you in bed with your dirty little lover, pretend as though you are not in your right mind. Begin to call random names of things such as Uganda, Tiny Alien Men, I see Jesus, Where is my little Teddy and even call out your Mothers name while dropping off the bed and praying. Take the sheet, wrap yourself in it and just lie on the bed while reciting genesis 1 verse 1. Your rightful lover will see that you must have been out of your mind and will pity you and try to help you instead of leaving you.

2. It Wasn't Me

For good cheaters, it is always best to start off the relationship with a lie so when things happen, you can use that lie to escape. So first, you establish a lie that you have a twin which lives 10 states away you haven't seen in decades. Then simply go to a good photo studio and have them take pictures of you in different clothing and then Photoshop them to make it seem like twins hugging. Then frame that photo and keep it in your home. Now, if you are caught cheating, all you have to do is act like you are the twin and storm out of the house. Then when your spouse calls pretend like you have no clue and simply assure him or her that the person was your twin and that him/her just popped up and needed a place to stay for a while. Then tell your lover you have to now drop the person off at the airport. When you reach home, your lover will be apologizing to you and you have just got back your lover after caught cheating.

3. Blame Him/Her

One way to try to get back your lover when you get caught cheating is to use reverse anger. It works like this; simply get angry when caught and blame your partner for the insidious act that you have or about to commit. Start bringing up all the negative things that your partner does to lead up to you cheating. The whole point to this is to let your partner feel the guilt instead of you. Your partner may just look into him or herself for the lack therein and simply take the blame and forgive you for your devious deed.


4. Ignore Your Screaming Lover

If your lover caught you cheating, the easiest way to get him or her to talk to you or even try to reach out to you is to ignore that person completely. Just walk away from the situation like nothing happened. Do not call your lover or try to get close to the person. If you live together, pack some things up and go find a motel and spend a couple days. If you see each other on the street, ignore the person and act like you don't know him or her. Then when the frustration kicks in and your spouse confronts you, simply break down and go on your knees and cry. Act confused and delusional as if you don't know what to do or where to go. Tell the person the reason why you never spoke was because you didn't deserve to be spoken to. Tell him or her that whatever decision is made, you will live with it and you deserve to suffer for the rest of your life.

5. Beg Like a Hungry Dog

So you get caught cheating and want to be forgiven. You know you depend on your spouse for everything, food, shelter, clothing and money. But yet you decided that even though you are getting all this, you need a little honey alongside the sugar. If you need your spouse much more than your spouse needs you. Your best bet to get him or her back is to beg like a hungry dog. Go down on your knees, cry crocodile tears, lay in front of your lovers car if you have to. Just don't let your lover go without a good fight. Go to the church, confess your cheating sins. Get some holy water to sprinkle on your lover for them to have more forgiving ways if you have to, but just don't let all that comfort you had go to someone else.


This article was written for entertainment purposes only. However, If you love your wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend, don't cheat. Cheating hurts emotionally, mentally and sometimes physically. If the relationship isn't working out, talk about it and seek help. If there is no amicable agreement, step away peacefully.

© 2018 Clive Williams


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