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How To Get Back, Get Revenge and Get Even With Your Cheating Spouse

Updated on August 26, 2014
Photo taken by rockfordman
Photo taken by rockfordman

Firstly, Make Sure You're Information is Correct

Relationships gone sour are never a pretty site. There's nothing worse than getting back at someone and THEN finding out they did nothing at all in the first place. There is no point in making a fuss over something when it never occurred, so try to confirm your information and "what you heard" now to save yourself a lot of trouble in the future.

Never Resort to Violence

You might be absolutely furious and hurt, so much that you want to inflict pain onto your cheating spouse. Do not resort to violence. Not only is it considered a criminal activity, no one wins in the end. If you truly want to get back at your cheating spouse, there are plenty of ways to truly get back at them while being the bigger person and coming on top.

Confront Pain With Humiliation Without the Guilt

Acquire proof that your spouse is cheating on you. This could be a photograph, video recording, audio recording and could also be a text message. Structure the way you will confront your cheating spouse. Don't go in empty handed and allow them to deny their way out and letting you feel once again at loss.

You could confront you cheating spouse alone or in front of a crowded event. Maybe at a party when your spouse is chatting up a guy or girl. Confront your spouse there and then and surely everyone will be taken aback, and your spouse will deny everything. This is when you come out with your evidence and in a flash everyone will be behind you all the way.

Not only will you receive the support and love from everyone else, your spouse will look like a fool for chatting up that guy or girl just a few moments earlier. They will be left humiliated, shocked and their ego crushed. This is a guilt free approach since you are simply proving your point that your spouse is cheating and you did not intend to do any further damage (than was already done)

Leave and Move on

There's no point damaging yourself for your spouse's mistake. Whether your spouse knows you have knowledge of his or her cheating is irrelevant. A divorce can be a nasty thing but simply move on and enjoy the company of other men and women instead of being at home sulking. If you're spouse ever comes back wanting more, that's their problem they shouldn't have given you up in the first place. 


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