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How To Get Your Husband / Boyfriend To Stop Looking At Other Women

Updated on August 4, 2009

Eye contact must be maintained with one woman, and one woman only.

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One of the complaints women often have about the men in their lives is that they tend to have a wandering eye, as in, they look at other women, and obviously, because they are looking at them, they are probably fantasizing about them. Most, if not all men look at the women they come across in their day to day activities. You can see them doing it, their beady little eyes tracking women throughout the workplace, across the park, up the escalator, into the doctor's office. They're completely incorrigible! Why, some men even make eye contact with other women and go so far as to speak to them.

Though women have been unsuccessful thus far in ridding men of these behaviors, it is important that we take a more aggressive approach to this matter. If you can't control a man's eyes and a man's imagination, then you're really little more than an automated dinner making, towel cleaning serf whose only purpose in life is to remind him that it's not actually washed just because you ran it under the hot tap (that's faucet, for you Americans.)

Of course, some men resist the idea that once they have formed a romantic attachment with one woman they should then lose appreciation for all other women in the world. Those men might compare this to the idea that once you have seen the Mona Lisa, all other art is, by definition, worthless rubbish that should be destroyed immediately.

They might say that if we took the attitude that some women have on their husbands and boyfriends thinking other women are attractive to other facets of life, we would have only one piece of art in the world. We have the Sistine Chapel, so there is certainly no need to have any other art. We should just burn and bulldoze the Louvre, then build a shoe store on it's smoldering remains, one that only sells one kind of shoes in one color.

Ladies, please don't listen to this sort of logic, it is ugly and sure to clash with your favorite dress.

Here are a few ways to control your man:

Man Blinkers

All men in relationships could be issued with man blinkers. These would be worn when outside the house and would have an image of the wife or girlfriend painted on the inside of them. When a man is wearing his man blinkers, you know that he is only able to think of you, wonderful, controlling, obsessive and insecure you.

Scent Marking

Dogs and cats do it all the time, and though we humans often mark our life partners with gold bands, sometimes we haven't had a chance to tag our male partner before he goes out into the wild. Why not rub your scent all over your man, marking him as being part of your territory. If another female gets too close, defend your territory by spitting and scratching at her. I've heard men find feral women very attractive.

Pavlovian Conditioning

Show him a series of pictures, several of yourself, and several of other women, (those who he might find attractive, but who you know are simply harlots.) Each time a picture of another woman comes up, tazer him. Within a few weeks of this treatment he will curl up into a ball and cry when he sees another woman. Mission complete!


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I met a guy on the internet about seven weeks ago. He seemed very nice and respectful and we had some fun times. Lately, every time we go our he chooses to stare at young women. In one instance there were two high school girls he was staring at one and off for 30 minutes in a restaurant. They finally left and one of them turned around and gave him a dirty look. If one of them was my daughter I would have called the police. I mentioned this to him and all he said was, "well, I'm not dead yet." He is seventy years old and these women are from 16 to about 50.3 He never looks at me in the eyes. He is too busy staring at women. I decided that this was a "deal breaker" because if you discussed this issue with them and they still do it, they are not valuing you as a person.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I don't expect people to stop looking at other people when they are in a relationship, that's impossible. I also don't expect people to stop thinking other people are attractive because they are in a relationship.

      But it's still wrong to go out of your way to look at someone when you are in a relationship.

      Also, when you are really enamored with your girlfriend or boyfriend, other people won't matter.

      I have had a boyfriend who didn't check out girls even when he was single... he said it was disrespectful to the girls.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Years ago my wife and I were driving my mother-in-law and her friend around town sightseeing and shopping. I noticed a stuningly attractive woman waiting at a Don't Walk sign and took an impulsive second look. My wife noticed and firmly nudged me and said, "In front of my mother no less." My mother-in-law said, "You wouldn't want him to be abnormal would you." To which her friend added, "That's for sure." Mother-in-law commented, "It's okay to look with your eyes as long as you don't look with your hands." We all had quite a chuckle and the situation was defused.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I agree with tanay253 completely! maybe that's why whenever my husband says something like jdog I have to believe the reasoning but not the emotion behind it.

      And I sympathize with you glenda! i wish that our men were totally absorbed in our love, alas, it is not to be. the ones we chose are not for us I suppose, we should both move and find the one or be with the person who finds us to be the one for them!

    • tanay253 profile image


      9 years ago from Berkeley,CA,USA

      If your BF or husband is totally absorbed in your love then he will never look at other women.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Silly stuff. I don't mind if my wife checks out other attractive men, and she does not mind me looking at other women. In, fact, we will point them out to each other, and discuss how hot/not not we think they are. Being paranoid and possessive about normal and health human behavior (appreciating beauty) is just the result of a lack of self esteem and deep insecurity.

    • profile image

      glenda Cranston 

      9 years ago

      Looking at other women is usually a sign that the man has no respect for the woman he is with and that he is still open to other women. This man is a loser and this ingrained tendancy to look at women like objects should be a big warning sign if you asked my opinion. I am living the crappy life with a relationship like this. He does not stop and I am getting colder and colder from neglect while he eyeballs every boob he sees. Some men are very stupid.

    • profile image

      Neji Hyuga 

      9 years ago

      i absolutely love the tazering idea lol, it's quite a laugh lol. a bit painful sounding but, a laugh anyway lol.

    • Hope Alexander profile imageAUTHOR

      Hope Alexander 

      9 years ago

      Please do Illuminati - Better yet, keep a video diary of events as they transpire, do it for women everywhere :)

    • Illuminatii profile image


      9 years ago from California

      I am fully behind this idea! I will start using these on my female obsesses husband. It will either work...or I will end up in a cell. I will keep you posted :D

    • Hope Alexander profile imageAUTHOR

      Hope Alexander 

      9 years ago

      Wait, does this mean that Americans are also able to use the Internets?

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      lol. where did you get the idea that Americans don't know what a "tap" is? It is an everyday word.

      i think looking at other women in no way depletes the way a man feels about the woman he is with.

      also i dislike the idea of having my eyes, imagination, or anything else "controlled." lol

    • Triplet Mom profile image

      Triplet Mom 

      9 years ago from West Coast

      Very funny, great options for those that are concerned! Although I think its natural and normal to look at other women for those that get upset this could work wonders.


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