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How to have your first kiss

Updated on July 31, 2009


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Today's world is getting advanced day by day, so are the guys n gals of this era. They love making friends, roaming here and there, and spending lots of time with the opposite sex. They share everything with their partners of opposite sex but when the question of first kiss arises, some feel confident and on the other hand many still feel hesitant for the first kiss to the opposite sex.

This generation can be categorized in two platforms; one those who have been kissed by the opposite sex and another those who have not. The ones who have achieved this dish can tell others about their experiences; such as, with whom it was achieved, where (the place) it was achieved, and their feelings after achieving it. On the contrary, those who are still lagging behind will always keep thinking; when it will be achieved, what will be the suitable place, and what will be the suitable way and feelings of it. But it is also truth that everybody reaches to this dish.

Kissing is not a difficult thing; anybody can perform it without hesitation, though sometimes it seems to be difficult especially when it is for the first time. But one can make kiss amazing and a memorable experience with his/her lucky partner by just following the simple tips that I am going to enumerate below.



As you are going to experience one special moment of life for the first time, this should be done in seclusion; after all, it is your private affair and it needs a lot of concentration on each other.


You are going to have your first kiss; keep in mind that you are not going to do it for the last time; first time should be in the way that your partner should think of having it again and again. YOUR FIRST KISS SHOULD BE A TRAILOR OF MORE KISSES TO COME. This kiss should not last for minutes. Just have it for a moment, then try to increase time in the second, and so on……. This way you as well as your partner will be able to enjoy kissing in an amazing and friendlier way. ALWAYS KEEP IT SHORT THINKING THAT YOUR PARTNER WOULD DEMAND FOR MORE FROM YOU. When you are going to perform such activity, do think about yourself and your partner and the kiss only……never think of your school, college, office or household tensions ..…..just give everything to the upcoming (first time in your life) task !!!!!! I can bet you will feel like you have gone into heaven with your partner.


Bad breath, unbrushed teeth, rough lips etc. could be a great obstacle in kissing. So, whenever you are planning for dating (with first kiss), do keep your teeth clean and properly brushed teeth (you may use sprays to prevent any bad breath, if you feel it could be there) as well as soft lips (you may use gel or slick of lip balm to keep your lips soft and fragrant until you kiss your partner) for the purpose. ALSO KEEP YOUR MOUTH FREE OF ANY OBSTACLE (MINTS OR CHEWING GUMS) WHEN YOU ARE GOING TO PERFORM KISSING, as it would hinder the enjoyment of kissing.


Usually it has been noticed that whenever one is kissing his/her partner, one's head turns left or right, with closed eyes, open lips, and ultimately the target is achieved. But if it is first time kissing, it sometimes presents a different scenario, as sometimes your partner hesitates and sometimes you hesitate and in this situation the hesitant person tries to tilt the head in different position. You need not worry……if you feel your partner is starting things off, tilt your head to the opposite side from which (s)he is tilting, close your eyes, and decide in advance whether you are willing to open your mouth or not, then stop thinking and enjoy it!

First kiss is really an unexplainable feeling. Whenever you are going to indulge in it, you might feel like fire your in your head and some disturbance in your belly, it usually happens, especially with Indians, so don’t get exhausted……take bold step and be determined and you will be able to reach to your target with your partner's consent.

Throwing your cards in an organized way will make your partner beg for more, and if you play your cards right that is exactly what you both will get.




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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I have had my first kiss before...but it dint mean anything and it was a dare. So now I am dating this boy I really like and I don't want to screw up. It's been about a month since we started dating, and for our 1st month anniversary present I'm having my first kiss with him. I want it i did plan it out, but its still a surprise to him. Is this a good idea?

      :D P.S. I'm 12 (almost 13) and he is 15

    • profile image

      samuel obioma onyekere 

      7 years ago

      i wil try it

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Me and my bf are in 5th grade we want to kiss but are just not in it we have just started dating we have been texting a lot all love bird we want to have are first kiss together I brought it up and we texted and texted about it we want to have are first kiss together Can you give us beter advice

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      pankaj3625, can you help me? Im only 12 and theres this guy whos 13 and we flirt Alot. He grabs my butt all the time in school and we hug everyday after school. But hes had his first kiss already and hes madeout with his previous girlfriends and he always talks about us kissing but ive never had my first kiss and im extremely nervous????

    • pankaj3625 profile imageAUTHOR

      Pankaj Pathak 

      9 years ago from Delhi

      Thanks a lot for your comment Mayrapink. Most men are bad kissers, but some other than them like me are good kissers. Anyone can try at any time.

    • MAYRAPINK profile image


      9 years ago from texas

      my first kiss was horrible.I was nervous..he as a bit older and a bad names :)

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Oh my gosh you have so much knowledge in this field how come ? I am so impressed you give us so much valuable information for that we are so thankful and you said especially indians at one place how do you know did you experience someone from other country too??

    • soni2006 profile image

      Rajinder Soni 

      9 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Oh my Gosh. I am so surprised to see the talent you have. I think you are a perfect seducer. I like the whole idea and your experience bro, especially "YOUR FIRST KISS SHOULD BE A TRAILOR OF MORE KISSES TO COME". This line is really really great. I did not even know that my simple colleague who sits besides me daily in the office holds such a great degree of talent. The tips regarding overcoming bad breath, unbrushed teeth, and rough lips is really marvellous. I enjoyed each and every part of your hub. I am taking out a print of this article for myself and will email this hub to my friends who are in dire need of this kind of superb advice. I think not only Indians but people around the world will benefit from this. Good great start after a long time.


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