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Keep Your Anniversary Alive And Exciting: A Suggestion

Updated on July 8, 2011
After 624 years, the ideas may not be as fresh!
After 624 years, the ideas may not be as fresh!


As years drift by, a fair amount of married couples relinquish a bit of the butterfly effect. (The feeling we have during our season of dating and engagement that supersedes all other logical decision-making processes).

Free and easy like a butterfly!

This effect (renamed the honeymoon effect after exchanging rings), tends to fade as the seasons of life direct new scenes into our married lives. This is normal. It happens to all of us.


What we once mistook for reality pre nuptial, (that we'd always live in an eternal state of the butterfly effect), all of a sudden gains traction on the road of everyday life.

We must adapt, learn, compromise, and live with the intent to continue nourishing our marriages. After all, the marriage covenant was the first covenant stewarded to man after creation. This is the primary reason the institutions of marriage and family need to be upheld over all other social commitments.


Soon after my wife and I married nearly 15 years ago, we arrived at the decision to celebrate our anniversary in a unique way every year. The manner in which we'd pull this off had yet to be determined but at least we formed a consensus early on. Looking back, this is one of the greatest decisions we ever made. The details how we came to keep each anniversary truly unique are fuzzy, but the results have been unforgettable.


My wife and I take turns planning our anniversary celebrations. One year I take the helm and the next year my wife will. We never discuss our plans with each other because the twist is to maintain a sense of secrecy and mystery. There are never budgets or any type of protocol. The entire process is completely personal and creative.

This creates a sense of welcomed anxiety and anticipation; sort of like waiting to open that present with your name on it under the Christmas tree. Using this model, every year never fails to translate feelings of youthful exuberance thereby rekindling the butterfly effect.


I won't bother you with details of what my wife and I have pulled together over the last 14 years (number 15 arrives in 5 days). This is where your creativity and imagination take the wheel. My only advice is to be open to anything. Some of the best times we've had on our anniversary celebrations have included our two children. It's a great opportunity to model your love for each other. Your children will learn from you! Unleash the butterflies in your marriage today.

Peace! RJ


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    • profile image

      Mandy Crest 9 years ago

      As a big fan of keeping marriages romantic, I really love what you and your wife have done -- may you happily share many more anniversaries.

    • Rob Jundt profile image

      Rob Jundt 9 years ago from Midwest USA

      Nice dinner and a visit to the tropics, of sorts. -- Our boys are only 6 & 8 so they are truly sponges right now. Thanks for your input!

    • In The Doghouse profile image

      In The Doghouse 9 years ago from California


      Oh come on spill the beans, what did you do this year? I love the fact that you include your kids from time to time, I am assuming they are in their teens by now. Family and marriage are truly important to nourish and treasure. My husband and I will be celebrating our 27th in a couple of months. "Still Crazy After All These Years!"