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How To Kiss Like A Pro - Kissing Tips for the Dummies

Updated on October 4, 2015

Have you ever considered whether you are a good kisser or not? Let’s face it most of us think we are great kissers. For some modest few, perfect kissing is a continuous endeavored honed through practice and some exercises. Yup, you heard it right, practice and exercise. I have a friend who does drills with a teddy bear. Don’t ask me how I learned this disturbing fact. Suffice to say, kissing is an art that requires ample attention. Learning to kiss like an expert is no easy task. But today, you’re one step closer to being a true kissing expert.

Here are some basic tips you have to consider especially when you are just in your first few dates. Keep these basic kissing tips in mind and you might just find yourself getting more than just a kiss good night.


Oral hygiene

Although this seems like an obvious tip it is still worthy of mentioning (you’ll never know how many people do not know that this is important). When kissing, you’re sharing a special moment with your partner. But this does not mean you have to share what you’ve just eaten. Of course, when you love the person, the lingering smell of garlic may not be a deterrent to a passionate kiss. However, when you’re just a new couple trying to gauge the relationship, then this is not to be taken lightly. More than just brushing, observing proper oral hygiene is required – floss, have regular dental check ups and all those things that give you a minty fresh breath and a superstar smile. Remember that you do not want to infest your partner with additional germs. Plus, the nauseating smell that you may have can just be a huge turn off. Look at this way – if the relationship does not work, at least you still have a gorgeous smile and fresh breath.

Choose the place

Public display of affection is a touchy subject. On one extreme are those slurping each other’s face off in the middle of the mall. While on the other extreme are people who won’t even hold hands in public. What’s important is to be sensitive to your partner. Remember that hat you are used to may not be the same for your partner. Likewise, there are some people who simply cringe at the sight of two people spit swapping in public. You might just get yourself thrown in jail if you’re in the right place.

Although kissing is an accepted part of society, the amount of tongue and possibly the length of time you can hold your breath while kissing comes into consideration. Passionate kissing requires the right timing and setting. Think about your partner before you start cramming your tongue into your partner’s mouth.

Less is more

It is imperative to understand that in kissing, especially when it is you and your partner’s first few lip adventure that less is more. This entails putting more consideration on the following:

Less tongue

Do not confuse passion with lots of tongue. Let me put this simpler. Shoving your tongue down your partner’s mouth in the hopes of sucking out his/her tonsils can be hazardous to your health. Moreover, try breathing with something squirming down your throat. I bet it is difficult. Unless you want to choke your partner in the first few kissing expeditions, please tone down the tongue inside your mouth.

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The human St. Bernard Syndrome

It is inevitable to swap saliva when you are passionately engaged in passionate kissing. However, please keep your spit to a minimum. Tell me, do you want to kiss a rabid St. Bernard slobbering all over your face? Well, that’s how it may seem to some when you put too much effort shoving your DNA into your partner’s mouth. Plus, you transfer a minimum of 10 million micro-organisms when you kiss. The number grows bigger when you do not brush. SO take a hint and recall kissing tip number one.

Limit it on the lips

Focus on the lips and just connecting with your partner. I know people who happen to like kissing all over. For the love of all sensibility, your first few dates and kissing sessions must focus more on the actual lips of your partner. If for some reason kissing paves the way to something more; then move up your game with care. Otherwise it is more discreet to focus on the lips and enjoy that special connection. So how do you know when to step it up? Well that’s for another discussion.

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Licking vs. kissing

This is quite simple. Licking your partner is NOT kissing. Many outrageously confuse passionate kissing with exfoliating your partner’s face with your tongue. Believe me, it’s not so romantic when you’re at the receiving end especially if it’s done in public. So it is a prudent course to tone done smothering your partner with this germ-infested slime. When we are talking about basic kissing techniques, don’t treat your partner like a human lollipop that you have to devour in two minutes.

Turn touch into your tool

Here’s an important tip: Don’t go to second base as an icebreaker nor to introduce a kiss. There is a huge possibility of a slap or worse, a lawsuit. However, when used properly, the art of touching can open up doors so to speak.

For example, touching your partner’s nape or neck can help put him/her in a better state of bliss. A more advance technique is to close the “A frame”. That’s for a future discussion. One effective technique is to lightly hold your partner’s check, stroke the hair, caress the jawline, lightly move your fingers over the neck or nape. These are erogenous zones that you can touch without running the risk of being kicked in the nuts.

Kissing is a wonderful way to share a connection with someone special. When done properly, it can strengthen the bond between to people. However, when done poorly, you can kiss the relationship goodbye. Of course, there is more to a relationship than a mere kiss. But doing it right can put the odds in your favor.

So keep these basic kissing tips in mind and soon you will become an expert in no time.


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    • jpcmc profile image

      JP Carlos 2 years ago from Quezon CIty, Phlippines

      Hi there Mel Carriere

      Thank you for the kind words. I do hope this helps especially in minimizing awful first kisses.

    • Mel Carriere profile image

      Mel Carriere 2 years ago from San Diego California

      Extremely well written, funny, and helpful hub for all of us. You are a talented writer.