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How to Know That You Are in Love: 19 Signs That Will Tell You

Updated on June 12, 2018

How To Know That You Are In Love

Increase in lustful desires is one way to know that you are in love
Increase in lustful desires is one way to know that you are in love | Source

How Do You Know That You Are In Love?

How do you know that you are in love with someone? What are some of the signs that will tell you that you are in love with someone?

Your Mentality Will Change

You will notice changes in the way you think because certain chemicals are released into your body when you start falling in love. These chemicals influence the way you behave emotionally.

You will also notice that you will feel happy at most times. With this happiness, you will experience high self-esteem. You may begin doing things which you did not do at first. For example, the urge to spend romantic moments with him or her will become very strong. If prior to now you were a shy person who did not feel comfortable being alone with a member of the opposite sex for a long time, there will be this feeling of strong longing in your heart and even when you spend time with the person, you will feel it is not enough and want to spend more time with them.

You will think about him or her often. This is another way to know that you are in love. He will be the first person that comes to your mind when you wake up in the morning, and the last person you think about before sleeping. Thoughts about him or her will saturate your mind. And whenever you think of him, you will feel happy, and maybe even smile.

Whenever this person’s name is mentioned, your mind will switch to him. You may start thinking about the memorable times you have spent together, some sweet or encouraging words he has said to you, or some acts of kindness that he may have done for you. You will think about him or her more than you think about anyone else, sometimes even more than you think of yourself!

Lustful Desires Will Increase

You will experience a heightened desire to be close to the person, and also to have sex with him or her. Not only will your sexual desire for them become stronger, but you will also desire to touch , cuddle , or kiss them.

The Way You Communicate Will Alter

When you speak to him or her, you will realize that you speak in a softened tone, different from the tone you use to speak to your family members or your close friends. This is a tone of reverence and affection.

It is also likely that when you look at him, there will be a softened expression on your face. You will look at him in a kindly fashion. You face will take on a different expression showing admiration. Anytime you chance on this person and and you behave this way, you should know that you are falling in love with the person.

You Will Feel Nervous When You Meet The Person

Anytime you meet the person, your heart beat will increase. Breathing rapidly, difficulty in breathing, trembling, and sweaty palms are other signs that will make you know that you are in love. This will happen consistently, and you will experience these signs when you meet other people. Experiencing these signs consistently over time should tell you that you are in love.

You Try To Get Their Attention

Trying to keep yourself in the thoughts of another person is also a good way to know that you are falling in love. This you may do by constantly asking the person to execute little commissions for you. This may be for him or her to teach you about certain aspects of a subject you may be doing together in school, even though you may understand the subject thoroughly. You do this so that you can be close to the person, hoping that the time spent together can lead to that person also developing an interest in you.


Whenever you are required to be separated from him or her, for example if you both have to attend school in different states so that for a long while you may not see yourselves, you will become sad. You will feel lonely. A sense of emptiness will engulf you. You will feel empty inside. If you are experiencing this, you may be in love.

For some of you women, you may cry and feel desolate. Your spirit will become depressed, and counting the hours, minutes and seconds till you see him again will become a habit. there will be a desperate yearning to get back together again.

You Will Care For The Person

One thing that will help you to know that you are in love with someone is the way you react when this person is under attack, both from another person and from unfortunate circumstances.

It will hurt you, as if you are the one suffering it. For example if he is criticized unfairly,you will rush to his defense and seek to support him.

His loneliness, sorrow, and desolation will appeal to you as nothing else can. All your kinder feelings will be a roused when you see him going through hurt and pain. It will touch you in a special way and make you feel very tender towards him or her.

You Will Have A ''Family Feeling'' Towards The Person

According to Psychology Today, “ new evidence shows that people are often motivated to “marshall support” for someone they are dating (Patrick and Faw, 2014)., which is consistent with the idea that people in a person’s social circle often play an important role in the success of a relationship (Sprecher, 2011).”

When you are in love with someone, then it will be your desire that he or she will meet your family members, especially your father and mother, and your siblings. It will give you a sense of pride to introduce the person to them. You will not in any way be ashamed of the person.

You will also want to see and meet and know that person's parents and relatives. And you will do your best to be nice to them because you want to please your man or woman.

The ''We'' Feeling

When you love someone, you have a special confidence and trust in him or her. Sometimes, you have this feeling that together you would be able to solve all the problems that come your way in life. That is the kind of confidence you will have in the person. True love creates a “we” feeling.

If you are dating, then you will not have the desire to date anyone else. You will feel connected to the person emotionally. It will make you feel that the two of you make a good “team” which can accomplish a lot in life.

The Person Will Give You A ''Higher Level'' Feeling

Whenever you happen to be in the presence of this special person, there will be a feeling that you are lifted to a higher emotional level, which you will experience as a thrilling sensation in your body, through the association with your special friend. He or She will inspire you to try to become a better person. It may be because of the way he talks, or the way he conducts himself in your presence. This will make you want you to improve the way you talk, and the way you conduct yourself.

You Will Respect The Person

Respect is to admire or have a high opinion of somebody because of something. It is to show consideration or care for somebody. Respect also means you avoid harming somebody .

When you are in love with a man or woman, you have a special admiration for his or her physical appearance, and their qualities. You tend to have a very high opinion of your friend, and think that he or she is the best person in the world. You tend to think that he or she is the best professional in their field of endeavor. Admiring someone and having a high opinion of that person is one way to tell that you love the person.

You will realize that the person's opinions will influence you. When he likes something, you will also develop a liking for it. For example, if the person loves soccer, gradually you will see yourself also developing a liking for soccer. When the person hates something, you will also develop a hatred for that thing. Your relationship grows, your tastes and preferences will align with his tastes and preferences.

You Defend Him, or Her

When you are in love with someone, you feel it is your duty to defend the reputation of the person you love. When you hear someone saying something negative about the person you love, it will make you feel as if the person is criticizing you. You will feel hurt and rush to the defense of the one you love.

You See the Person in Your Future

If you are in love with someone, when you think about your life in the future, you view yourself still associating with the person years into the future. You will find it difficult to create a mental picture of your future in which this person will be absent. You will feel that you cannot survive in this world if that person is not a part of your life. You may imagine getting married to the person, having a wedding with the person , sharing the same house, and having children with the person.

They Make You Want to Become a Better Person

You will become more aware of your weaknesses when you are in love with someone. You will begin to feel very inadequate, see the other person as a perfect person, and because you do not want the other person to be ashamed of you because of your flaws, you will work on your weaknesses with diligence and seriousness, because you want to appear to be a near-perfect person in the eyes of the one you love.

You Ignore Their Weaknesses

One thing that will help you to know you may be in love is that you will not make a big deal of the person’s faults, but brush them aside. Instead, you will desire to help him overcome his weaknesses because you want him or her to become a better person. When he hurts you, you will not take it to heart, but feel it is nothing. If he is a womanizer, for example, you will try to help him overcome this weakness. If she is a very jealous woman, you will try to make her see being jealous is not wise, and you will make efforts to help her deal with this weakness. You will have a great deal of good will towards the person, goodwill which you will not show to other people.

You Feel Happy When You Help Them

Your soul will be uplifted, and your spirit will swell, when you do something for him or her. When you give him some money to pay a debt he may owe, or give him or her a ride to work, or visit them when they are in hospital, or help them with their Mathematics or Science assignment, you will feel so great you are doing it for the person, and wish you could do even more for him or her.

You Make Big Sacrifices for the Person

When you love someone, you want to show in every way you can that you care about the person. This makes you want to do things that cost you and make you feel less comfortable, if it will make the one you love become more comfortable. Though others may say to you that you are being “foolish,” you will do it with all joy and not see you are being unwise in trying to make the person happy. For example, even if you are hungry and the person is also hungry, and you have only a last morsel to eat, you will be prepared to give the person you love the last morsel of food, and not mind going hungry, so that the person can be satisfied.

You Feel Comfortable to Speak Your Mind

When you are in love someone, you have no inhibitions before him or her. You are not ashamed to tell him or her your feelings without feeling you are making yourself “naked” before the person. You will not be afraid he or she will ridicule your intellect, or feel you are an “emotional baby” – someone who cannot control their emotions.

You Are Not Afraid to Become "Naked" Before Them

You will feel comfortable revealing your negative sides before the person, and even ask the person to help you overcome your flaws. You also feel comfortable to reveal some things you will never tell other people, such as embarrassing things you have experienced in the past, or terrible mistakes you have made in your life.


When you get to find out you are in love with the person, try to make him care more about you, or make her love you too, so that you can have a romantic relationship with them to complete your love for them.

How To Know That You Are In Love

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