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How To Know a Friend is Jealous of You

Updated on October 10, 2011

 You have an on and off friend. Your friend is making you more unhappy than when you are happy. When you argue she says hurtful things. You stop being friends and wonder is this friend jealous of you. Here is how to find out.

1) When you buy something nice or go somewhere nice she calls you spoiled instead of being happy for you.

2) If your usually happy she gets mad and says "Do you have to be happy all the time?"

3) If you enjoy dressing up she get mad and asks you "Why can't you just wear sweatpants and no make up?"

4) When you tell her you like a guy she has no reaction.

5) You spend more time with her than you do with your boyfriend but when you and your boyfriend go out or double date she asks why she wasn't invited (even though she's single).

6) When you break up with your boyfriend she has no reaction.

7) When you get excited over something small such as a movie comming out that you want to see she frowns.

8) When you talk about your other friends she gets mad.

9) If another friend asks you to hang out she gets upset as to why she wasn't invited.

10) She makes your self-esteem go down.

Today it is very hard to find a true friend. So if you do consider yourself blessed. Here are 10 Ways to determine if a friend is jealous of you. If your so called best friend is doing any of this end your friendship. You will soon meet a true friend. It is better to be alone for awhile and wait for the right friend than to be with someone who is making you miserable.


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