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How To Marry a Rich Man and Remain in Control

Updated on April 26, 2015

Prince William & Kate Middleton

The Foundation of Dating

The rules for dating and keeping a man interested in you long enough to reach a marriage proposal are really the same for rich and poor men, however, a woman must always remember that the intensity of the these rules just about triples when dating a rich man, because wealthy men simply have more options than poor men do and if you are not viewed as being interesting or valuable enough, he can easily find a woman who is. If you have decided that you want to marry a rich man, you must have the ability to control your emotions, stay focused on your goal, and maintain your dignity. It can be extremely trying at times, but if you look upon this goal the same way a medical student looks upon his goal, you can keep a perspective on things. Its not a walk in the park but its well worth the effort.

Read on, and please remember to regularly read my dating articles in order to maintain your enthusiasm and come out with both, a huge rock and your sanity intact.

If you are on the dating scene right now and basically just following your heart, then you already know what I mean by "keeping your sanity." Too many modern women have become losers when it comes to getting what they want from men. There are more single and unhappy women walking around these days than there were twenty years ago, and the number of unwed mothers who resort to welfare is quickly growing. (unmarried and poor is the total opposite of what you want to be)

Why is it that women are worse off than they were decades ago? The answer is complicated but can be summed up by saying that women no longer know how to handle men.

How many sweet, gentle women can you think of who are routinely being used by men? I come across them all the time. They get into a relationship, fall head over heels in love, and then find themselves being brushed off. Why does this happen?

I can tell you right now that these women usually make the biggest relationship mistakes from day one and that is why their men find it so easy to do away with them. They fall into bed with their man and then do all they can to make their man pleased with them. In short, they show their man how desperate to get married they are. Why should any man be excited by that? The fact is that even if a woman is extremely beautiful she will come across as lacking in value if she so readily gives herself to a man physically and emotionally. A woman named Deborah Livingston in the Los Angeles area gives women relationship advice based on what has worked for her and she never picks up the phone on the first ring, makes sure she does not accept every single date that her target rich man asks her on, and even if she has nothing going on, she makes sure she never lets her man know this.

There is wisdom in the old psychological game of playing hard to get, but to keep your sanity and maintain happiness, this method works so much better if it is not just a game, but that in fact, you truly are hard to get because you really do have other things going on in your life and you are actually are not desperate to get married.

Marla Maples & Donald Trump

Pursue Your Own Life and Rich Men Will Pursue You

A big mistake women make is that they lavish their attention on their romantic relationship and then, after they have them, their children. To be the best wife, mother and person you must lavish time on your own interests. If you can survive and keep up your enthusiasm about life without men then chances are you will never have a shortage of men who are interested in you.

Make yourself more interesting and pursue a hobby. Many women have been so dependent on friends, men and children for their entertainment that they have no idea what truly interests them. Don't give up thinking and surfing the net to discover yourself. I guarantee that you will draw a lot more men into your life when you have things that you are passionate about then you will if you are simply looking for a man to fill your time.

Men are hunters by nature and rich men love to achieve. So, if you are not making your man feel as though he is winning and achieving something special by marrying you then you have missed your opportunity to stack the odds in your favor.

We all want what we can't have and we all value things that we have earned over and above things that drop into our laps. Always remember this when dating your rich man. Unfortunately, shows such as the Bachelor, glorify women who don't use their heads and are willing to make fools of themselves to be with a rich man. In reality, no rich man would marry any of these women. He may use her for a while and then move on to the next bimbo, and that is something that all women want to avoid.

For more on where to meet rich men read, How to Meet and Date Rich Men.

Watching television will not give you good tips on how to handle men because everything on television and in movies these days is geared towards men, and the sight of women degrading themselves for men is becoming increasingly common.

You must have standards and expect something from a man. If you are dating a man who simply does not respect you, then you are barking up the wrong tree and need to focus on a man with potential.

Losing Your Rich Man. Don't Let This Happen To You

Morgan was a receptionist with a one year old baby who had just broken up with her baby's father and had an interest in winning a man who was better than the man who had knocked her up and then ran off with another woman. Morgan began seeking out advice and found herself talking to Deborah and me about how to win a man of a better class. Deborah and I knew we had our hands full when we began coaching the feisty Morgan on changing her whole presentation in order to lead the kind of life that she wanted. When a handsome, well groomed businessman showed Morgan interest she went to pieces and began to spend her time focusing on winning her prize, but I knew that the businessman probably could see Morgan as an easy lay and that's about it, due to the fact that he was a busy man who did not really know Morgan at all, and because Morgan presents herself in a very informal way. Its only natural that the first thing that comes to a man's mind when talking to such a girl is that she could be interesting in bed, but at this point, its up to Morgan to show him that she is a classy lady with high values, many interests, and basically that she is a focused and responsible woman.

One must remember that if a woman already has a child it is extremely important that she appear responsible in every way. One of the worst things that can happen to a woman in this situation is that the guy start getting the vibe early on that he will be stuck taking care of another man's baby.

In Morgan's case, she disregarded all that she was being coached on and jumped into bed quickly with her rich prey and immediately after he began to tell her that his ex-wife was coming to town and that he needed to keep his distance from other women because it would make his ex uncomfortable. Morgan lectured him that his ex-wife does not matter and that only their relationship mattered. She was not getting his message. He had his fun with her and he would not mind meeting her for sex a few more times, but she should not announce it to anyone because he certainly did not want anyone thinking that they were a couple.

Eventually poor Morgan realized that showing him how sexy she is was not the smartest thing to do so early in the relationship.

Famous Women Battling For Their Rich Man

Just for fun, and perhaps encouragement, lets look at some famous celebrities who have fought tooth and nail in order to win their ultimate rich husband.

Kate Middleton was thrown into the dumpster by Prince William after he decided that he wanted to move on to other women. Wiley Kate made sure that she was seen dressed up and moving on, this made Prince William rethink his life with Kate and he lured her back into his life. Kate won the game.

Donald Trump was married to Ivana Trump and began an affair with Marla Maples. When things began to get too serious with Marla, Donald began to walk away from Marla only to find that she would follow the Donald everywhere he went to cause the press to take a closer look at her. Eventually Ivana found out about the affair. Donald took Ivana and his kids skiing and Marla followed the family to the slopes, this time there was a confrontation between Ivana and Marla on the ski slopes in Aspen, and the hungry press was there to witness the confrontation. After the incident was reported in the tabloids a highly embarrassed Ivana feeling the pressure, filed for divorce. This left Donald wide open for marriage to Marla.


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