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How To Protect Yourself on a Blind Date

Updated on July 3, 2017
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Clive Williams is an internet researcher and writer on many genres. He has a BSc. Degree in Information Systems.

Blind Date Murders
Blind Date Murders

Hi everyone, how is the online dating going? Well, some people who have done dating online and then meeting there blind dates are not around to tell the full story of what really happened. Blind dating can be fun and exciting, but can be horrible and deadly. Most blind date victims are normally women who are unaware that their so called prince charming is actually a notorious psychopath who have bones of his victims buried in his back yard. But what could really go wrong on a blind date which would make it so easily for a young beautiful woman to easily loose her life? Well, a lot of things can go wrong, and it all starts from the initial hook up conversation. Let's take a look at some of the mistakes women make on blind dates which may eventually cost them their lives.

Blind Date Murders

Dating blindly can cost you your life. There have been thousands of cases where people have went on blind dates and have their lives snuffed out by preys. Look at the sad story of the former British policeman's daughter who was slaughtered in an Australian hotel while on a blind date. She met up with an individual who was on parole for other crimes at the time. It is alleged that Clifford set fire to the hotel room after murdering Elsa Corp before hitting two others with his car while fleeing the scene. Such a gruesome act upon a young lady who was just looking for love in the wrong place.

Another gruesome tale is of a beautiful blonde hairdresser who was killed on a blind date. David Patrick Clifford had pleaded guilty to murdering Elsa Corp, 26, in a hotel room at Port Melbourne in February 2010. The Supreme Court heard she was strangled with electrical cord, slashed with broken glass and beaten. The court was told Ms Corp had only met Clifford earlier that night, after being introduced through friends. It also heard that less than two months earlier Clifford had been sentenced to four months' jail for resisting police and trespassing.

These are just a couple of the sad tales that are so heart burning about innocent females becoming the victime of wicked blind dates.

Blind Date Protection

When it comes on to blind dating, security of one self has to be at the forefront. Remember that you are actually hooking up with a total stranger for the very first time. You want to ensure that you are able to wake up the next day and go to work and not seeing the white light and pearly gates too early. So how does a woman protect herself on a blind date? Well, she may have to a do a bit of social engineering and also set the playing field for her own advantage. Let's take a look.

1. Don't Make Your Blind Data a Blind Date

There is a thrill for some people in dating someone you have never seen before. But if you are not careful, that thrill and become a cold chill easily. When going on a blind date you must try to get as much information as you can about the person you are allegedly meeting. A name will not suffice for this ladies. Get a name and address and see if they match and can be verified. Don't rely on social media alone to verify if who a person say they are is true. Some people use bogus names to create social media profiles. If the name checks out, visit certain criminal record sites to find out if the individual has any type of criminal record such as a registered sex offender.

2. Double Up

Yes, your blind date may be looking to meet just you on the first or second go, but it won't be so bad to have a good friend tag along. Don't tell your blind date about your friend. You don't want you blind date making any adjustments beforehand. Notice how your blind dates react when he realizes he may have too bodies to contend with.

3. Agree Upon a Crowded Location

Forget about driving 20 miles into Smokey the bear's forest to soak your feet into the crystal clear stream while butterflies land on your shoulders and in your hair as the rainbow sparkles upon the water top. You may end up becoming a part of that forest permanently. Stick to meeting at places where human traffic is high. This can be a known restaurant, bar, Mall etc. Don't go to any area you are not familiar with yourself.

Blind Date Murders
Blind Date Murders

4. Do Not Change Location.

Look out for the old kidnapping line. "Here is a bit crowded, why don't we go someplace else? I know this great place........" Stop right there. Never leave the agreed upon location to go to any other so called "Great Place." What your blind date is trying to do here is getting you at a location where he has more control and can easily clear your breath with chloroform. Stick to the designated location until you feel comfortable enough to move unto less populated areas.

5. Tell Someone Where You Are Going

We all are the bosses of ourselves. But it would not hurt to let some friend or family member know that you are heading out to meet a total stranger. Give them the strangers name name and the place where you will be meeting. After all, if anything happens your ghost may want your murder solved.

6. Watch Your Drink

Ensure that if your blind date buys you something to drink, keep a close watch on it. Never leave your drink open to visit the restroom to pamper your face or to do number one. An open drink symbolizes and open invitation to get drugged. Ensure that your drink is brought to you directly and that it is consumed in total before taking that bathroom break. If you do take a bathroom break and you comeback to your table and see a preordained drink, simply do not accept that drink and ask him to order a different drink as you are not feeling the taste for what he had ordered. Same thing which applies to your drink should apply to your food. Drugs can easily be mixed in certain foods and soup.

7. Turn on Location on Your Smartphone

Ensure that your smartphone location is synchronized with your computer and it is enabled on you communicating device. If your blind date turns out to be a real psychopath. This can greatly help the police to easily find you wherever you have been taken.

8. Arm Yourself

Yes, you have the right to life just like anyone else. Arm yourself with a legal weapon such as a pepper-spray, pocket knife or even a licensed firearm. Many people will object to carrying a gun, but a gun or any weapon will only be used in this occasion unless you are protecting your own life. And I thing that is enough reason for using one.

9. Avoid Close Places

Avoid tight spaces when going on a blind date. Ensure that wherever you are, you have space to run, shout, scream and fight. Do not get itched into some tight spaced hostel room where you are easily cornered and devoured.

10. Snap His Pic/Take Selfie

When you have met up with your blind date, snap his pic immediately and send it off to a friend. At least he knows now that someone other than you have seen his face. This may deter any weird plans he had cooked up in his head for you.

Blind Date Murders
Blind Date Murders

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Protect You!

People have found love on Blind Dates. But some have discovered pain and even death. The first interest on blind dating is protection and security of one's own self. Remember, even if you are blind at the heart. See with your Brain. Protect You!


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    • clivewilliams profile imageAUTHOR

      Clive Williams 

      12 months ago from Jamaica

      Thanks much Dashingscorpio

    • clivewilliams profile imageAUTHOR

      Clive Williams 

      12 months ago from Jamaica

      Yes Billy, You and your wife are seeing eyes wide open now. But they still say love is blind.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 

      12 months ago from Olympia, WA

      You have an interesting mind, Clive. LOL I think my blind date days are behind me now, thank God! Happy 4th!

    • dashingscorpio profile image


      12 months ago

      Great advice!

      Always use "good commonsense" when dealing with strangers!


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